A Conversation with Dotsevi Y. Sogah

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The research interests of Professor Dotsevi Y. Sogah, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, are in nanotechnology, biomaterials, electronic materials, biodegradable materials, and environmentally benign materials. He is best known for his discovery of a group transfer polymerization process – a fundamentally new method for polymer production. This process, which was listed among the inventions of the millennium in the US, has been commercialized by DuPont Company. It revolutionized the ink-jet printing system and found applications in the automotive industry and photoresists in the electronics industry.

Beginning in 1980 Sogah worked at the DuPont Company in Wilmington, Delaware where he was a research manager for polymer science. In 1991 Cornell University took an exceptional step of appointing him directly as full professor with indefinite tenure. He has served on numerous editorial boards and on many select government committees. He consults and lectures widely. At Cornell Professor Sogah teaches both broad (and popular) undergraduate courses, as well as advanced polymer chemistry courses. This talented and accomplished professor is interviewed by Professor Emeritus Roald Hoffmann.

In addition to the 55-minute dialog, supplementary resources include a biographical sketch, a curriculum vitae, and some general-audience news articles. A streaming version is provided as well as several formats suitable for mobile devices.