Rinaldo, Ken

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My digital media art installations look to the intersection between natural and technological systems. Integration of the organic and electro-mechanical elements suggests a confluence and co-evolution between living and evolving technological materials. I am fascinated and encouraged with human kinds struggle to evolve technological systems that move toward intelligence and autonomy, which are modeled from our conceptions of what is considered natural.


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    2008 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Rinaldo, Ken (2009-06-08T18:51:02Z)
    Humans are not individuals they are clouds, clouds of human, bacterial and machine-cells intertwined. We have evolved into strange symbiotic ecosystems consisting of trillions of living bacteria, where we have ten times as many bacteria in and on us as human cells in the entire human body. Our armpits, crotches and guts are like rainforests teaming with microbial life. Our backs are like desserts. These bacteria within and on us are eating and surviving and our bodies provide for their sustenance. There are one thousand trillion bacterial cells versus one hundred trillion of our own human cells and yet the human body does not end there.