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I am an artist, writer and researcher. My career began in the mid 1970's as a fine art post-graduate at the MIT Visible Language Workshop (VLW). The VLW was one of seven divisions that would in the early 80's evolve into the prestigious Media Lab. My experience at MIT was very rich in terms of the opportunity to engage with leading thinkers and practioners in engineering and science. It also afforded an opportunity to work directly with hybrid artists from diverse backgrounds who shared an interest in computing technology. My tenure at MIT also coincided with that unique moment in the history of computing when experimental investigations ushered forth a new generation of visualization tools and interactive processes.


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    2005 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Slayton, Joel (2007-01-05T16:11:10Z)
    The Analogous Landscape project merges adventure sports, art, and information technology. The centerpiece of the project is the climbing of ten high attitude volcanoes around the Pacific Rim-Ring of Fire. An evolving media installation is associated with the expeditions that integrates sculpture, data visualization and environmental mapping. It is my intention to examine the changing conception of landscape as mediated by information technology. The Analogous Landscape project presents an experience of land as defined by human interaction with databases, networks and interfaces. This is a work in progress.