Brixey, Shawn

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As an artist I am committed to the invention, exploration and development of truly new and experimental art forms. My research focuses on an interdisciplinary synthesis of emerging digital media technology with the physical and biological sciences. I am specifically interested in the recording and transformation of artistic impulses and poetic experience through materials, tools and thought processes often considered completely outside of the domain of the arts. My artwork attempts to soulfully address the impact of advanced technology on artistic expression, and the creative landscape it is dramatically altering.


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    Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Brixey, Shawn (2006-06-29T17:46:07Z)
    "Eon" is a new work in progress that uses the rare phenomenon of sonoluminescence (the process by which intense sound energy in liquid an be converted directly into visible light) and the Internet to extend my current artistic research in the field of telepresence, telepistemology and emulation.