Marchal, Noah

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The areas central to my art practice are in communications and behavioral modeling. The use of protocol to control interactive communications between living things and machines is a common theme for my work. I consider a cybernetic engagement to be a type of networked situation, which includes living and non-living elements as the means to organize and activate information. What I am interested in is how communications may affect the components of a network and how the network develops a programmable culture as a result. By programmable culture, I mean that the culture of networks is not static but relative to the engagement of actors within them.


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    2007 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Supplementary Material
    Marchal, Noah (2009-03-31T20:18:49Z)
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    2007 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Marchal, Noah (2009-03-31T14:27:54Z)
    Cybotanomy is an area of study that I have composed, describing the convergence of cybernetics and botanical research with autonomous robotics. The Cybotanomy Project is an artificial environment for living plants, which navigates through a given space according to a plant's need for air and light to support photosynthesis. The project is intended to address issues in accelerated habitat decay and the social acclimation of botanicals into synthetic ecosystems. The Cybotanomical specimen is given the means to explore physical space, seek out light, open and close its windows to the world and engage with the human realm of living. The work created under this research will be suitable for exhibition in centers for science and technology, natural history museums, and cultural institutions.