Knipp, Tammy

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One of the virtues of our changing times is that new media has challenged us to rethink and re-examine our basic presumptions about reality and the reality that is virtually perceived. From the perspective of an electronic-media artist, I present bodies of work (CASE STUDIES) of performative-like installations comprised of 3-D structures integrating technology and virtual imagery with the realities of the physical, psychological and cultural perspectives. These interactive installations instigate "social happenings" whereby participants and viewers become subjects from an observational perspective, providing a simulated clinical "case study" in the context of art. Raising issues of belief and perceptions of trust in the constructs of mediated environments, the demarcation between virtual risk and real risk (virtual reality and reality) breaks down.


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    Case Study- Documentation
    Knipp, Tammy (2006-07-24T14:41:22Z)
    Documentation for proposal made to Rockefeller New Media Fellowship.
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    Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Knipp, Tammy (2006-07-24T14:34:55Z)
    A work in progress, CASE STUDY 9983 is a performance-like interactive installation which encompasses and merges art, science, technology and culture. Through electronic media, the participant engages in a physical simulation of a near-death experience. A supplement to CASE STUDY 9983, CASE STUDY 9983-B is a wall mount display of polygraph recordings of the participant's physical responses-emulating scientific data. In the context of fine arts. CASE STUDY 9983/CASE STUDY 9983-B models a psychophysiological clinical case study (a study of the mind-body perspective) of an event-related mediated environment researching commonalities and differences among cultural and gender perceptions to a virtual simulation of implied danger. CASE STUDY 9983/CASE STUDY 9983-B is a hybrid, expanding the scope of new media to include alternative directions for research,interactions and fusions.