English 2880: Making the News

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This is a collection of videos generated by the students of English 2880: Making the News.


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    Magazine Covers and the 2008 Election: Fair or "Obamanation?"
    Milliken, Hannah (2008-12-11T05:12:14Z)
    Hello everybody, My name is Hannah Milliken and this is a project I made for my English 2880 class at Cornell. I was raised in a pretty conservative home in Orange County, CA, and I always figured that when my first election rolled around, I would vote for a Republican. However, when the time came, I found myself really drawn to Obama, and ultimately, I cast my first vote ever for him (and I'm glad I did.) Lately, I've really been wondering why I felt so drawn to Obama. Is it the way he looks? Talks? Is it his personality? Is it what he stands for? His politics? Or am I just a mindless lemming who jumped on the Obama train without thinking? The more I think about it, the more I realize how much the media influenced the way many Americans, including myself, perceived the Presidential candidates. This is a small study of how magazine covers in particular created this sort of influence. The project certainly isn't perfect, but I really had fun making it and I hope you enjoy. Thanks, Hannah Milliken Class of 2012 Cornell University
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    Digital Media Sources: The Effect on Youth Voter Turnout
    Hacker, Jamie; Peretz, Jamie (2008-12-10)
    This video is a presentation on how youth voter turnout was affected in the 2008 presidential election by interactive digital media sources when compared to the 2000 election. We concluded that the millennial generation has been greatly impacted by these interactive digital media sources, and thus youth voter turnout increased significantly in 2008.
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    Comparing Magazines and Newspapers: Who Covered Abu Ghraib Better?
    Dasarathy, Nandini (2008-12-11T03:54:54Z)
    This project looks at the differences between magazine and newspaper coverage of a single issue, torture in Abu Ghraib.
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    The Death of the Newspaper
    Knight, Stephanie (2008-12-11T03:30:51Z)
    Final project for ENGL2880. A video chronicling the decline of the newspaper and the rise of the Internet as a technology for news distribution, with specific attention paid to the 2008 U.S. presidential election.
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    We Are the World: Celebrities in Africa
    Baicker, Baicker (2008-12-11T03:28:32Z)
    A multi-modal presentation for ENGL 2880, this project examines the focus on Western celebrities in African coverage.
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    Syndication and the Death of the Staff Political Cartoonist
    Bourque, Catherine (2008-12-11T00:27:21Z)
    This project focuses on the effect of the widespread use of syndicated cartoon content on the quality of editorial cartoons and the decline in staff cartooning positions at local newspapers. The project discusses how the economics of media conglomerates forces newspapers to use syndicated cartoons that lack local content and have marginalized messages.
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    Grab 'Em by the Roots!
    Broyhill, Lindsay (2008-12-10T21:18:32Z)
    This is a 10 minute video concerning media ownership. I introduce media concentration and the problem with conglomeration, give a brief history of legislation that has allowed monopolies to form within the news media, and provide some ways for the American citizen to become involved in the media reform movement.