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    Aspergillus sp. testing in the emerging Cannabis sativa industry in New York State
    Brophy, Seth; Moshier, Tim; Nichols, William; Vergara, Daniela; Young, Brandy (2023-07)
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    New York State Cannabis sativa L. Production Manual
    Vergara, Daniela; Shelnutt, Savanna; Grab, Heather; Demetri, Andrew; Rice, Spenser; Barraco III, Anthony; Boudinot, Garrett; Bridgen, Mark; Cala, Ali; Crawford, Jamie; Devine, Corinne; Hanchar, John; Mattson, Neil; McMullen, Patrick; Monserrate-Oyola, Luis Alberto; Ochterski, Angela; Pashow, Lindsey; Reid, Ashya; Reid, Judson; Smart, Christine; Smart, Larry; Smith, Zaria; Snyder, Stephen; Sosnoskie, Lynn; Sparks, Faith Ann; Stack, George; Stansell, Zachary; Ullrich, Maire; Vignale, Lucía; Young, Brandy; Zahl, Bahiya; Zuefle, Marion (2023-04-25)
    The Cannabis sativa L. Production Manual is a living document: a work in progress intended to provide current data and findings about sustainable hemp cultivation to growers and members of the Cannabis industry to achieve a high-quality, profitable, and compliant yield. Cannabis sativa yields are used for the development of hemp-based cannabinoid products, fiber, grain, and medicine. As research and knowledge about hemp and, in general, the C. sativa plant increases, this manual will be updated to include new information. The perspectives of the manual authors are largely, but not exclusively, directed to the industry in New York State. The manual also includes information about the regulatory environment around hemp in New York and the United States, a description of C. sativa cultivation, information about testing and grading, as well as tips on how to produce a crop that meets international environmental and labor standards. Our objective is to help growers maximize yield, quality, profitability, and product integrity while maintaining compliance.