Neumark, Norie

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The viscerality of sound as a medium and the ways sound can explore ideas are what engage me as an artist. I work with the "grain of the voice" (Roland Barthes), which for me embodies cultural differences in its color and timbre and rhythm. In new media, my concern is to address the still underdeveloped potential of sound - to undo the hegemony of image and the peripheral use of sound as ambient or mood enhancing. My "vision" is to work with the viscerality, performativity and intimacy of sound as well as playing with tensions and potentialities between sound and image in new media art.


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    2004 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Neumark, Norie (2007-10-12T14:58:51Z)
    Emotions are a strangely neglected topic and medium in new media art. This project, E.motion Machines, works innovatively with e.motions as physical (e.motion), cultural (culturally diverse) and networked (e.motions relaying between people and machines). The project networks together a site, a performance, and an installation. This networked form also explores the way that computer networks are social networks.