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    Preparing a Data Archive or Repository for Changing Research Data and Materials Retention Policies
    Bohan, Jonathan (OSF, 2021-03-10)
    Journal and university based research data policies are increasingly requiring researchers to make available their code and other reproduction materials. Many data archives and repositories were designed only with the data itself in mind. Data librarians and archivists need to consider how to best archive these additional materials. The recently redesigned CISER Data and Reproduction Archive offers one model to build upon. Data and reproduction materials are housed in the same searchable archive but built to display differing metadata requirements. For example, as the reproduction materials are an effective extension of the article, a “reference article” field is needed to differentiate from citations of the material.
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    Metadata-Driven Gamification: Exploring a New System for Crowdsourcing Antebellum History
    Kowalski, Brandon T. (2017-04-07)
    The North American Slave Trade is in full swing. Technological advancements have made newspapers common throughout the Antebellum South. These newspapers feature runaway ads” where enslavers provide a detailed description of the enslaved with the hopes of capture. Some ads offered a handsome reward. Others sought to set an example for those contemplating escape. Today, we seek to compile, transcribe, and explore these advertisements. Above all we want to trace Freedom on the Move.
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    Commercial search engine developers and universities: a critical time for collaboration in the coming age of publicly accessible research data
    Kramer, Stefan; Block, William C. (2011-11-17)
    Driven by new data sharing requirements from funding agencies, most recently and notably the National Science Foundation, academic researchers are on the verge of making rapidly increasing amounts and varieties of research data available for replication of findings and re-use. Universities are now building or enhancing repositories to help researchers make their data available, and are employing and helping develop domain-specific metadata standards, such as the DDI, to aid in the discoverability and manageability of these datasets. However, with the growing amount of data and number of repositories, the risk of "data silos" increases as well. Providers of commercial search engines must join the current efforts of global, web-scale data discovery - otherwise, the usefulness of the search engines AND the research data generated with public funding are both at risk.
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    The new & improved DDI Tools Catalog - for users and developers of tools supporting the Data Documentation Initiative metadata specification
    Kramer, Stefan; McNeill, Kate (2011-06-12)
    Illustration of the future interface of the DDI Tools Catalog ( Poster to accompany live demonstration on Internet-connected personal computer.
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    The Lifecycle of Social Science Research Data: Improved Discovery through better Metadata and Search Tools
    Block, William C.; Kramer, Stefan; Williams, Jeremy (2011-03-28)
    Research Data in the social sciences develops along an often predictable lifecycle, from conceptualization through collection to discovery. Researchers also seek social science data in ways different from text and other content types. With metadata and search tools geared towards social science data developing together, the searching and discovery of social science research data can be improved.
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    Report on Dagstuhl Workshop on Managing Metadata for Longitudinal Data - Best Practices
    Block, William C.; Kramer, Stefan (2011-03-11)
    Summary of the activities and outcomes of the workshop "The Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) Standard: Managing Metadata for Longitudinal Data — Best Practices" held Oct. 17-22, 2010, in Wadern, Germany (
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    Development of the next DDI Tools Catalog
    Kramer, Stefan (2010-12-09)
    Description of the current state of development of the next DDI Tools Catalog by the DDI Alliance's Tools Catalog Working Group.
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    Data Librarianship: Past, Present, Future, Challenges, Opportunities
    Kramer, Stefan (2010-12-07)
    Overview of the landscape of "data librarianship" in the social sciences: commonalities and differences compared to other areas of librarianship; how and why it came about as a special niche of academic library activity (in the USA), and how it has developed; what resources and services it may offer to users; what collaborations with other departments it may imply; and what the future might hold for this area of librarianship.
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    Challenges and Opportunities in Social Science Research Data Management
    Kramer, Stefan (2010-09-23)
    With the necessity for developing better methods for the discovery and access of available research data, mounting pressure from funding agencies to make and keep research data accessible for the long term, and the complexity of the relationships of different types and formats of files involved in many studies, social science research data management has emerged as an area of multiple challenges and opportunities for information professionals.