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One of the profound transformations that we are undertaking is the transformation of physical reality by the operations and methodologies that we have developed through electronic media. Media has engendered a literacy and facility for understanding relationships between elements that inscribes itself upon how we construct, experience and desire physical relationships. Now, through technologies such as 3D computer games, virtual reality, computer aided design, computer aided manufacturing and rapid prototyping, we are further blurring the lines and crossing the semantics of physical space operation and media space operation. I have been developing my aesthetic approach to this situation through a number of projects that engage a formal and conceptual vocabulary derived from collage, montage and assemblage.


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    2008 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Brown, Sheldon (2009-06-08T15:39:47Z)
    The project - Scalable Cities - is a work in progress which has been developing under the singular title - The Scalable City. The full, Scalable Cities project will be a persistent, multi-user virtual world, accessible via downloadable clients as well as through visualization portals exhibited at public venues such as museums, galleries and conferences. To understand the goals of the Scalable Cities, it is important to understand how the Scalable City has developed the conceptual, aesthetic and technical base - all of which are extended in the full "cities" version.
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    2004 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Brown, Sheldon (2006-07-25T19:37:00Z)
    The City of Refuse(als) is an exploration of the space of in-betweeness that exists at the edges of lived experience. These edges are between cultures, classes, nations, and physicality itself. Architecture and urban form are the externalized manifestation of our desires and our actuality of inhabiting this zone.