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    Digital Elevation Model Data from: Measuring Erosional and Depositional Patterns Across Comet 67P's Imhotep Region
    Jindal, Abhinav S.; Birch, Samuel P.D.; Hayes, Alexander G.; Özyurt, Fiona P.; Issah, Adam; Barrington, Megan N.; Soderblom, Jason M.; Kirk, Randolph L.; Marschall, Raphael; Vincent, Jean-Baptiste (2023-09-18)
    These files contain the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data for the results reported in Jindal et al. Measuring Erosional and Depositional Patterns Across Comet 67P's Imhotep Region. In Jindal et al. we found: Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko displays a pronounced hemispherical dichotomy in surface morphology where the southern hemisphere exhibits more erosional features than the northern hemisphere due to receiving much greater solar radiation. Consequently, it is generally assumed that particles are ejected from the southern hemisphere through sublimation and a significant fraction eventually descends as airfall, covering the northern terrains. To investigate this south-to-north material transfer during the comet's perihelion passage, we use photoclinometry to measure material redistribution within its most extensive smooth terrain deposit around the Imhotep region. However, our findings do not align with this expected trend. Instead, we show that local-scale processes substantially impact the erosion and accumulation of material, with one area experiencing net erosion while another nearby region, just a few dozen meters away, sees sediment buildup. Our analysis underscores the complex interplay of processes shaping Comet 67P's surface, and likely comets more generally.
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    Spitzer-IRS spectra associated with the IDEOS project
    Spoon, H.W.W.; Hern'an-Caballero, A.; Rupke, D.; Waters, L.B.F.M.; Lebouteiller, V.; Tielens, A.G.G.M.; Loredo, T.; Su, Y.; Viola, V. (2022-03-04)
    This is a collection of 3,559 mid-infrared spectra used to create the Infrared Database of Extragalactic Observables from Spitzer (IDEOS). The spectra have been drawn and vetted from the Cornell Atlas of Spitzer/Infrared Spectrograph Sources (CASSIS), a repository of 13,500 homogeneously extracted, publication-quality, low-resolution spectra of all Spitzer-IRS observations performed in staring-mode (as opposed to mapping mode). The selected 3,559 spectra have been scaled and order-stitched as to enable spectral fitting and spectral decomposition.
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    Principles of Long Baseline Stellar Interferometry
    Lawson, Peter (JPL, 2000)
    These course notes document the lecture series from the 1999 Summer School. The lecture material was chosen to emphasize the development of ground-based interferometry and to include an introduction to the future possibilities of space missions within NASA’s Origins Program. The material contained in the course notes is, however, primarily concerned with ground-based interferometry. Plans for space-based interferometry, although not described here, are well represented in the JPL publications describing the Space Interferometry Mission and the Terrestrial Planet Finder (see Appendix B). Although most subjects are covered in detail in their respective chapters, certain subjects, such as the use of fiber optics, spatial filters, and adaptive optics, are mentioned only in passing. Some omissions were inevitable due to the limited scope of the Summer School, and so resources for further reading are included in the Appendices. The course notes are divided into 7 parts and 18 chapters covering the major themes presented during the school. When reading from one chapter to another, please bear in mind that the notation is only consistent within individual chapters.
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    The Dust Belts of Mars
    Soter, Steven (1971-08)
    From the unrelated facts that Mars is subjected to a flux of asteroidal projectiles and that it has two very small satellites, an elementary analysis leads to the proposition that the planet possesses an orbiting dust belt system, previously unsuspected. Furthermore the satellites themselves should have surfaces resembling that of the Moon. Factors bearing on the evolution of an orbiting debris system are discussed, leading to some speculations concerning the origin and structure of the rings of Saturn.
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    Palomar Sky Survey 1 Plate Locator Guide
    This guide provides a map from positions in the sky to the corresponding glass plate in the Palomar Sky Survey (POSS-1). To arrange access to the physical plates, please contact the Cornell University Library Rare and Manuscripts Collection at
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    IDL's datareduction v0.23
    Rojo, Patricio (2006-09-15T06:03:36Z)
    The routines in this package are intended to reduce spectral data as described in Patricio Rojo's Ph.D. dissertation (2007). All routines are available under the GNU General Public License. Users are responsible for the scientific content of the result they obtain after using these routines.
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    A Method to Remove Fringes from Images using Wavelets (with IDL's defringeflat v1.5.5)
    Rojo, Patricio; Harrington, Joseph (The Astrophysical Journal, 2006)
    We have developed a new method that uses wavelet analysis to remove interference fringe patterns from images. This method is particularly useful for flat fields in the common case where fringes vary between the calibration and object data. We analyze the efficacy of this method by creating fake flats with fictitious fringes and removing the fringes. We find that the method removes 90% of the fringe pattern if its amplitude is equal to the random noise level and 60% if the fringe amplitude is ~1/10 of the noise level. We also present examples using real flat-field frames. Version 1.5.5 of a routine written in IDL that implements this algorithm is available from the authors and as an attachment to this paper.
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    Transit v3.3
    Rojo, Patricio (2006-09-14T22:29:17Z)
    Transit produces a theoretical modulation spectrum for a transiting planet, using the radiative transfer physics described in Patricio Rojo's Ph.D. Dissertation (2007). The code, written in C, is available under the GNU General Public License.
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    IDL's utils
    Rojo, Patricio (2006-09-14T20:14:14Z)
    Collection of IDL routines. This is version 0.16 of the 'utils' package. The package provides routines to read and convolve data files, to make plotting windows user-interactive, and to resample arrays in different coordinates, among others.