Bowditch, Rachel

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The history of New Media and the avant-garde from the Futurists and Russian Constructivists to Bauhaus and the theories of Artaud, have had a significant impact on my work. I draw direct inspiration from two artists, Futurist, Luigi Russolo, who wrote the manifesto on the Art of Noise and Oskar Schlemmer (1888-1943), who was interested in spatial webs and defining new theories of space. I want to continue their investigation of architectural and theatrical space, especially Artaud's notion of "spatial poetry".

Fascinated by the notion of being between two worlds and I can strongly identify with this place of being betwixt and between; between cultures, between languages, between social patterns and ritual, between political viewpoints and historical dynamics. Between theatre and anthropology, between poetry and multi-media, between art and technology, between public space and private space, I find my artistic voice and palette.


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    Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Bowditch, Rachel (2006-11-15T15:34:58Z)
    I propose to create a "cyber-theatre" where a dialog between the "live" and the "virtual" worlds can occur. The Virtual Web: Interactive Global Spectacle allows everyone to become an artist. The "cyber-theatre" provides the opportunity for the "non"-artist, performer, DJ, VJ or cinematographer to create an original composition in collaboration with other global "artists". Participants will be able to explore the resources and tools they may otherwise not have access to experience. In one moment, there are potentially ten " live" artists in c ollaboration, as well as the unlimited number of" virtual/remote" artists creating this universal, global spectacle simultaneously. Each moment will be a collision and chance meeting of sound, image and movement. This becomes a "living" composition and spectacle because each moment is constantly shifting and transforming. The project will take place in three phases. One can interact seven ways with the "cybertheatre". The "cyber-theatre" creates a venue where a universal visual language can be born. Anyone, anywhere on the globe can experience and interact with the Interactive Global Spectacle* This global collaboration emphasizes the importance of communication and dialog between diverse artistic mediums and investigates the discoveries made when visual art, poetry, performance, technology, music, sound and the Internet collide to create a new visual language that crosses language and geographic barriers.