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At times my work has been described as falling under the categories of wearable sound, interactive electronic installation, and digital imaging. At other times I have been grouped in with the disciplines of video telepresence, animation, performance, and robotics. Like many artists working amongst and between these categories, the final materials that are used in my production tend to be of less importance than the continuity of the artistic research and ideas behind them. I am driven by a fascination with the design and construction of systems that are organic-electronic hybrids and that have a true function that goes beyond their existence as cultural objects. I am interested in making creative machines - machines that independently make art when cross-pollinated with human interaction. These artworks' behaviors are based in generative algorithms embedded within them. I use networks, reflexivity, and the interplay of randomness and pattern to initiate a genuine engagement of the machines with human visitors and vice versa. I view such innovations as tools for creating new experiential frameworks that question the nature of creativity and authorship.


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    2008 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Raaf, Sabrina (2009-06-08T18:47:14Z)
    n.udge is an interactive video installation system that uses custom software to generate a world of architecture that grows, recedes, and evolves in response to visitor presence in an exhibition space. This generative system begins with a topological map of the exhibition space surrounding it - including all existing doorways, windows, outlets, railings, vents, and/ or other unique architectural elements - and goes on to use this information to create a basic vocabulary of building blocks by which it may shift, replicate, join, grow, fold, and evolve new architectural structures. In other words, n.udge utilizes the dimensions and architectural details of the space it is situated in as the malleable, sculptural material out of which it may evolve new variations (or visions) of that space. n.udge also automates the process of populating these iterations with structural offspring that are created from the furniture and other structural elements currently housed in the exhibition space. All of these behaviors are made possible through recent advances in evolutionary programming that allow computer scientists to automate the process of creating complex environments (such as virtual cities) at almost any scale or scope.
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    2006 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Supplementary Material
    Raaf, Sabrina (2009-06-03T15:52:56Z)
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    2006 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Raaf, Sabrina (2009-05-28T16:54:34Z)
    The "Wind Window One" project will be a monumentally scaled, interactive public artwork. The project was recently selected and contracted for construction as a permanent installation by the lead art consultant for the new West Expansion of McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. This building expansion is currently under progress and when completed is slated to be over 2.3 million square feet large, visited by over a million people per year, and is centrally located in the downtown Loop area. Wind Window One (VW\JO) will have a very prominent location at McCormick - to be both viewable from the street as well as from the interior. The Wind Window One installation is designed in a site-specific manner to appear to "float" inside the eighty foot tall "glass box" location to which it has been designated.