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I am concerned with notions of truth, and making invisible phenomena visible, while drawing attention to the nuances of communication and perception by gathering, recording and rendering it accessible in a visual form. There are many different layers in my work. When viewed through the lens of conceptual, performance and installation art, they bridge between interior, exterior, mental, physical and virtual realms. I also think of my work as abstract art, in the sense that the viewer recognizes abstract imagery as having an actual correlation to them, and can act to form a unity of consciousness of the embodiment of our selves. I am continually exploring notions of transformation, energy transfer, bridging the conscious and unconscious realms, and depicting the invisible visible through action and reaction. The results manifest themselves either as an action or object, and continue to live through extensive documentation. I see the process of creation as an integral part of the work, as important as the result. In this way, the audience, mentally and physically, actually becomes a part of the work. The resulting output is as diverse as the individuals who participate, the dynamics between them, and the way they choose to engage with it. Contributions to my genre: first MFA time-based thesis installation, was a pioneer of video performance and installation art, first live performance in the history of the Web, first Web performance and installation archives, first telerobotic webcam sculpture and installation, first graphical user interface for urban information on the Web.


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    Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Sobell, Nina (2006-12-13T16:17:14Z)
    The Brain Streaming Project presents the means for people to connect and collaborate with one another by using only their brain waves. This non-verbal communication will be represented as a continuously evolving aural and visual expression, accessible to anyone logging on. The Brain Streaming Project will premiere with a one-hour international performance at physical and virtual locations including pocket computers and cellphones at The transformed photo booth installations for the premiere performance will remain at each location for participation for the duration of the Fellowship term. For the duration of the performance, participants will be connected to electroencephalographs that amplify and identify their brain waves. The individual logon and brainwave data will be sent to the project server over the Internet, and entered into the server's database. The server then streams this information to the project's Web page, along with sounds and images that change dynamically as new input is received and viewed on touch screen monitors inside the booths, and on the Web. Brain Streaming is a metaphor for universal human consciousness. It reflects our similarities through the transformation of our converging thought patterns into the creation of a collaborative virtual collage.