Hilton, Hope

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I am most provoked by my own judgment and belief. The content of my work characteristically deals with contemporary and global issues while invoking and considering history, including my personal history. The power of media, of photography and video in particular, astonishes me. In my work I hope to use that belief and power to reveal something about my own faith, and faith of others, in images. Motivated by exchange and collaboration in a culture that is continually camouflaging itself with flashy graphics, gadgets and commercial goods, I extend the engagement by making experiences and collaborations.


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    2006 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Supplementary Material
    Hilton, Hope (2009-05-07T15:52:49Z)
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    2006 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Hilton, Hope (2009-05-07T15:51:34Z)
    My installation begins outside of the space, where the viewer will be directed into the room by a wooden ramp going in one doorway and stairs into the other. Upon entrance the viewer becomes the participant: there is a front porch and a fragrance of soil or outdoors, there are porch swings and benches, and it feels like late evening. There are two computer monitors on either end of the porch, mimicking information-stations at national parks. Here, the participant is directed with instructions to touch the screen, which triggers video projections. It will be possible for both screens to be activated simultaneously, so there will often be dual images projected. The projections will include landscape and city recordings and sounds from places of I choose. They will be my own as well as work by other artists responding to my direction. The screens that activate the video will utilize touch-screen technology, and the appearance is very simple with only names of places written in my handwriting. It will be possible to touch the word "Montreal" while someone else touches the word "Barbados" and have similar footage from both of these places projected.