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The Cornell University Insect Collection is a world-class research and training collection that includes over 7 million insect specimens representing about 200,000 species, or roughly 20% of the World’s described insect fauna. Our collection is an important resource for Cornell students, staff and faculty, for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, for residents of New York State, and for the broader scientific community.


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    A Catalog of Odonata Material in the Cornell University Insect Collection
    Deitsch, John; O'Grady, Patrick (2022-09-27)
    Museum collections are important to document historical and present-day species distributions and abundance. Tracking insect declines and asssessing ecosystem health using insect biomonitoring requires accurate species identifications, up-to-date species catalogs, and digitization and georeferencing of label data. We present a comprehensive, updated catalog of Odonata species present in the Cornell University Insect Collection. We also provide digitized and georeferenced records for seven widespread odonate species to demonstrate the value of historical museum collections.
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    Field Notes in Support of a Revision of Hawaiian Carabidae
    Liebherr, James K (2021-08)
    This contribution comprises transcribed field notes keyed to valid scientific names for specimens collected during 1991-2006 fieldwork that supported taxonomic revision of the native Hawaiian carabid beetles. An introduction includes all relevant publications describing the species.