Heaton, Kelly

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I am a multi-media artist who has worked with a mixture of electronics, sculpture, documentation and installation for the past six years. My educational background is diverse, including studies in traditional art, philosophy, veterinary medicine and ecology. In 1998 I started graduate studies at MIT to incorporate technology into my practice. During this time, I was fascinated with the apparent overlap between biology and electronics. My interest became a three-year exploration of children's toys containing embedded computers. I was curious to see whether the addition of a computer made the toys more "alive" than the inert teddy bears of my childhood. In this complete body of work, entitled Bibiota , I took a biologist's approach, dissecting and experimenting my subjects in an effort to understand their fundamental nature. The results include numerous artworks linked together by extensive process documentation. More information about Bibiota is contained in my work sample.


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    2006 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Heaton, Kelly (2009-06-17T18:15:51Z)
    The Parallel Series is a proposed exhibition of sculptural works built from active electronic components. If successful, each work will possess the aesthetic merits of any well-crafted object. Additionally, each piece will be designed to reveal an energy distribution made uniquely possible by active (i.e. functional) electronic design. In other words, analog electrical engineering will be used as formal media that functions to conduct, resist or modulate energy within the work of art. The controlled flow of electronic energy will define the concept for each piece; and the simultaneous use of electronics as a formal and functional medium will be the primary contribution of this work.