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    Community Development In Maine: Coastal Enterprises, Inc.
    Clavel, Pierre (1996-07-16)
    History and development of a rural community development corporation. Documents the transition from resource based, import substitution and direct production to finance and technical support to diverse local initiatives.
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    Contextualizing Radical Planning: The 1970s Chicano Takeover in Crystal City, Texas
    Thompson, Jonathan (Planners Network, 2008)
    Describes the 1970 takeover of Crystal City, Texas by radical Chicano activists, their attempts at government reform, obstacles encountered and eventual collapse.
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    Flipping the Script: Toward a Transformative Urban Redevelopment Agenda in Chattanooga, Tennessee
    Knapp, Courtney Elizabeth (Planners Network, 2013)
    Brief account of how social justice organizations integrated the city's traditional progressive narrative with an economic justice-based vision for community planning and development.
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    Rustbelt Community Development: Common Wealth, Inc. in Youngstown, Ohio
    Clavel, Pierre (1999-03)
    Youngstown fits a rustbelt profile. A history of disinvestment and decline – punctuated as three large steel mills closed during 1979-1981 also portended a political incapacity to respond to the decline. But within the trend there also emerged the community development corporation, Commonwealth Inc. which by the 1990s settled on the production of affordable housing under the federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program – with developer fees sufficient to secure the organization an increasing diversity of new efforts. The road to this ultimately successful outcome led through a series of other efforts, whose story is told here.