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Greg Niemeyer studied Classics and Photography in Switzerland before he came to the US in 1992. As an MFA grad student at Stanford University, he founded SUDAC, the Stanford University Digital Art Center, in anticipation of the need for an academic space dedicated to the practical and critical exploration of digital media and art. SUDAC opened its first exhibit, Refresh: The Art of the Screensaver, at the Cantor Art Center and at in 2000. After directing SUDAC for 3 years, Greg became an assistant professor for Digital Media at UC Berkeley. Here, he continues to teach and to pursue his creative research in the area of digital media installations and collaborations. Supported by the prestigious Intel Art and Technology Research Grant, he completed several digital media installations, which explore novel experiences with computing. His latest installation, in collaboration with Chris Chafe, is the Oxygen Flute, which translates the human-plant carbon cycle into four-channel music in real time. In collaboration with Chris Chafe and two animators, Niemeyer is currently directing Organum, a short feature animation, storybook and online game. For this project, Niemeyer was recently awarded a F. Warren Hellman Fellowship. Niemeyer also recently organized two media conferences, 020202: Social Technologies and 030303: Collective Play, and is a member of the Executive Committee of UC Berkeley's emerging Center for New Media.


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    Organum Film Invitation
    Niemeyer, Gregory; Liu, Christine; Wang, Lorenzo; Chafe, Chris (2006-07-28T15:19:06Z)
    Invitation to screening of film "Organum."
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    Organum Narrative
    Niemeyer, Gregory; Liu, Christine; Wang, Lorenzo; Chafe, Chris (2006-07-28T14:28:41Z)
    The following text is a linear narrative taking place in the Organum environment featuring many of the Organum game characters. It a companion piece to the recombinant video and the game, and will be exhibited alongside the large still prints and the LAN rig (computers networked for a LAN party).
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    2004 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Niemeyer, Gregory (2006-07-28T14:01:28Z)
    Since 2002, I collaborate with composer Chris Chafe, computer graphic (CG) artists Lorenzo Wang and Christine Liu, and with game theorist Jane McGonigal to create a simulation of human organs which unfolds in three media: print, recombinant cinema, and online gaming. The print version and recombinant cinema version premiere Oct 30, 2003 at the Berkeley Art Museum. I am seeking the support of the Program for Media Artists to complete the online Organum game. Organum plays in an online multi-player simulation of a surreal ecosystem inhabited by a cast of organs, including a brain, a lung, and a stomach, and a set of AI (artificial intelligence) cyborgs. The game involves up to 32 people playing together in one session of Organum. The goal of the game is for players to stay alive in the fragile ecosystem as long as possible by ensuring the well-being of both themselves and their ecosystem. If successful, the community of players advances to a higher level of cultural achievement. Unsuccessful players drop out and have to join another game session.