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Auriea Harvey is working on this project together with Michael Samyn who has been her partner in both life and work for the past three years. A duo known as Entropy8Zuper! ( ). Auriea could be considered an artist who accidentally became a designer and Michael a designer who accidentally became an artist. In any case, the distinctions between art and design, the private and the public, business and pleasure, and those between the body and the machine are completely blurred in what we do. Our work focusses on the humans who use the machines, rather than on the machines themselves. On the other hand, we refuse to treat technology as simply utilitarian. Instead we see our works as living creatures, mediating between us and the user but also having a life of their own, independent of their creators. The framework for these lifeforms is often a narrative structure. Narration is usually used as a means to an end in our work, it performs the function of submerging the user in a virtual world. But being the maximalists we are, the stories we choose to use are often bursting with content in and of themselves (often religious texts, myths and fairy tales). Formally, we are not afraid of applying proven dramatic methods to experimental programming. Our main design objective is the emotional involvement of the user. To achieve that, we try to find the perfect balance between interactivity and linearity, between offering options and choices to the user and pushing him or her in a certain direction.


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    2006 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Harvey, Auriea (2009-05-07T15:42:31Z)
    The Endless Forest is a combination of a multiplayer computer game, a virtual performance environment and a location for in-situ artworks. Players are represented in the forest as deer. There are activities and a forest to explore.
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    2003 Rockefeller New Media Foundation Proposal
    Harvey, Auriea (2006-11-20T19:10:14Z)
    "8" is an experimental computer game. It uses computer game technology in an effort to bring the artistic experience of non-linear storytelling closer to the public. Its combination of traditional dramatic methods and innovative design concepts is an attempt to contribute to the conceptual maturity of new media.