Zuniga, Ricardo Miranda

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Over the last six years, I have been combining computer generated art with sculptural vehicles to transcend the monitor and achieve powerful social metaphors that investigate issues of globalization. Cargo Load (1999) is a hand built wooden Cart with a short-wave radio hidden within the structure of the cart and speakers at each corner of the bed of the cart. The shortwave radio's station memory, programmed to stations all around the world, is linked to a motion sensor that is installed at the back of the cart. The viewers of the sculpture trigger the radio's memory to shuffle from one station to another. Cargo Load is activated by public performance to personify the concept that in an information society, the modern individual bears the heavy load of global awareness. Wearing a business suit, I pull the cart along in a public environment; surprised pedestrians are then drawn to the odd tableau, which leads to a dialogue between interested spectators - the cart becomes a public forum.


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