FRB Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 16 — December 2020

Total FRB count: 137
Repeaters: 22
Host galaxies: 13

From the editors:

Here we are with the final newsletter issue of 2020, which rounds out our Volume 1. It has been a year and then some. We wish all our readers a happy and safe holiday season and a happy new year - we look forward to a better year ahead.

Papers of interest

Recent Reviews
  • Progress in Understanding the Enigmatic Fast Radio Bursts; Chatterjee, arXiv: 2012.10377
Observational Results
  • Chromatic periodic activity down to 120 MHz in a Fast Radio Burst; Pastor-Marazuela et al., arXiv: 2012.08348
  • LOFAR Detection of 110-188 MHz Emission and Frequency-Dependent Activity from FRB 20180916B; Pleunis et al., arXiv: 2012.08372
  • FRB131104 Swift BAT Data Revisited: No Evidence of a Gamma-ray Counterpart; Sakamoto et al., arXiv: 2011.12555
  • First Discovery of New Pulsars and RRATs with CHIME/FRB; Good et al., arXiv: 2012.02320
  • The Environment of FRB 121102 and Possible Relation to SGR/PSR J1745-2900; Katz, arXiv: 2011.11666
  • High Cadence Optical Transient Searches using Drift Scan Imaging II: Event Rate Upper Limits on Optical Transients of Duration <21 ms and Magnitude <6.6; Tingay & Joubert, arXiv: 2012.02316
Theory and Modeling
  • Exploring the Epoch of Hydrogen Reionization using FRBs; Beniamini, Kumar, Ma & Quataert, arXiv: 2011.11643
  • The Cosmic Dispersion Measure in the EAGLE Simulations; Batten et al., arXiv: 2011.14547
  • Intergalactic Medium Dispersion Measures of Fast Radio Bursts Estimated from IllustrisTNG Simulation and their Cosmological Applications; Z. J. Zhang et al., arXiv: 2011.14494
  • Fast radio burst repeaters produced via Kozai-Lidov feeding of neutron stars in binary systems; Decoene, Kotera & Silk, arXiv: 2012.00029
  • The Dissipation of Toroidal Magnetic Fields and Spin-Down Evolution of Young and Strongly Magnetized Pulsars; Zhi-Fu Gao, Hao Shan, Hui Wang, arXiv: 2012.01048
  • Synthesizing the Repeating FRB Population using frbpoppy; Gardenier et al., arXiv: 2012.02460
  • Multi-Dimensional Population Modelling using frbpoppy: Magnetars can Produce the Observed Fast Radio Burst Sky; Gardenier & Leeuwen, arXiv: 2012.06396
  • A Comparison Between Repeating Bursts of FRB 121102 and Giant Pulses from Crab Pulsar and its Applications; Fen Lyu et al, arXiv: 2012.07303
  • Galactic and Cosmological Fast Radio Bursts as Scaled-up Solar Radio Bursts; F. Y. Wang, G. Q. Zhang & Z. G. Dai, arXiv: 1903.11895
Algorithms and Instrumentation
  • Multi-Messenger Astronomy with INTEGRAL; Ferrigno et al, arXiv: 2011.12124
  • The INTEGRAL View of the Pulsating hard X-ray sky: From Accreting and Transitional Millisecond Pulsars to Rotation-Powered Pulsars and Magnetars; Papitto et al., arXiv: 2012.01346
  • Real-Time Triggering Capabilities for Fast Radio Bursts at the MeerKAT Telescope; Jankowski et al., arXiv: 2012.05173
  • A Coincidence Null Test for Poisson-Distributed Events; Essick, Mo & Katsavounidis, arXiv: 2011.13787
SGR 1935+2154 and other relevant magnetar results
  • Persistent Emission Properties of SGR J1935+2154 During Its 2020 Active Episode; Gogus et al., arXiv: 2012.01871
Upcoming meetings and conferences

SKA Science 2021 "A precursor view of the SKA sky": 15-19 March, online. Registration and abstract submission now open

Recent online talks of interest

Most talks and meetings are online for now, and many are available as recorded versions, so we are trying out a provisional section for public recorded talks. We welcome your feedback, and pointers to other talks of interest.
  • Rui Luo, "Diverse polarization swings in a repeating fast radio burst source", 2 December, 2020 CHIME/FRB Journal Club
Relevant job listings

-- PhD in FRB and/or pulsar science at National University of Ireland Galway with Evan Keane; EAS Job Listing

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