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    • Comparison of Dependence and Punitive Forms of Power 

      Lawler, Edward J.; Bacharach, Samuel B. (1987-01-01)
      This paper deals with the impact of power on tactical action in conflict. The theory and research is organized around two conceptual distinctions: one between power based on dependence versus punitive capability, and the ...
    • Power and Bargaining in Authority-Client Relations 

      Blegen, Mary A.; Lawler, Edward J. (1989-01-01)
      This article presents a theory of tactical action designed to analyze the authority- client relationship, i.e., voluntary, noncontractual relation between service-providers and their clients. The focus is on conflicts that ...
    • Power Processes in Bargaining 

      Lawler, Edward J. (1992-01-01)
      This is a theoretical article that integrates and extends a particular program of work on power in bargaining relationships. Power is conceptualized as a structurally based capability, and power use as tactical action ...