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    • ILR Impact Brief - Faculty Tenure and the Gap between Policy and Practice 

      Tolbert, Pamela S.; Sine, Wesley D.; Park, Sangchen (2006-04-01)
      Almost all four-year institutions of higher education have adopted the tenure system as a formal policy for faculty employment. The degree to which tenure systems are actually implemented, however, depends on resource flows ...
    • The Gender Gap in Top Corporate Jobs 

      Bertrand , Marianne; Hallock, Kevin F. (2001-10-01)
      Using the ExecuComp data set, which contains information on the five highest-paid executives in each of a large number of U.S. firms for the years 1992–97, the authors examine the gender compensation gap among high-level ...
    • The Gender Wage Gap and Pay Equity: Is Comparable Worth the Next Step? 

      Levine, Linda (2004-12-20)
      This report examines the trend in the male-female wage gap and the explanations offered for its existence. Remedies proposed for the gender wage gap’s amelioration are addressed, with an in-depth focus on the comparable ...