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    • Leading Edge Vortex in Flapping Fins 

      Bandyopadhyay, Promode R.; Hrubes, J. Dana (2009-09-28)
      Insects and penguins flap their pectoral fins to produce forces. Flapping means simultaneous rolling and pitching oscillations with or without twist. Twisting is a differential pitching between the root and the tip of ...
    • Origin of Propulsion: A synthetic view 

      Bandyopadhyay, Promode R. (2009-09-28)
      How did the propulsion of small animals evolve into those of larger animals? We implement the concept that brain and mobility of animals evolved together (ASME JFE v131 031801-29 2009...IEEE JOE v33 563-578 2008... JEB ...