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    • LES of an Inclined Jet into a Supersonic Turbulent Crossflow 

      Ferrante, Antonino; Matheou, Georgios; Dimotakis, Paul; Stephens, Mike; Adams, Paul; Walters, Richard (2009-10-15)
      This short article describes flow parameters, numerical method, and animations of the fluid dynamics video ``LES of an Inclined Jet into a Supersonic Turbulent Crossflow". We performed large-eddy simulation with the sub-grid ...
    • A Numerical Simulation of a Plunging Breaking Wave 

      Adams, Paul; George, Kevin; Stephens, Mike; Dommermuth, Douglas; Brucker, Kyle; O'Shea, Thomas (2009-11-22)
      This fluid dynamics video was submitted to the gallery of fluid motion at the 2009 APS/DFD conference. The video shows the results of a of numerical simulation of a deep water plunging breaking wave. The two-phase calculation ...