Labor Research Review, Volume 1, Number 14 (1989)

Participating in Management: Union Organizing on a New Terrain

Recent Submissions

  • Broadening The Arena for Participation & Control 

    Swinney, Dan (1989-09-01)
    [Excerpt] Andy Banks and Jack Metzgar have made a critically important contribution to untangling the concepts of participation and cooperation, in making the case for labor to be aggressive in areas historically reserved ...
  • Value of Joint Programs Underestimated 

    Whyte, William F. (1989-09-01)
    [Excerpt] I am happy to comment on a provocative monograph that raises important issues for union policies and strategies. The authors make two main points: 1. Unions should be proactive in developing worker participation ...
  • Participating in Managing the Philadelphia Transit System 

    Tauss, Roger (1989-09-01)
    [Excerpt] The labor movement has hurt itself in recent years with a childish tendency to elevate tactical questions to the level of principles. And nowhere more than the "principle" of militancy versus cooperation and ...
  • Dealing With Good Management 

    Parker, Mike; Slaughter, Jane (1989-09-01)
    [Excerpt] Andy Banks' and Jack Metzgar's analysis of current cooperation programs is right on the mark. Their insistence on an organizing conception of unionism, union structures independent of management, and the use of ...
  • Goodbye to the Management Rights Clause 

    Bluestone, Barry (1989-09-01)
    [Excerpt] After the organization of the UAW, it could plausibly be argued that the union turned the game around. Indeed, by the late 1950s, the UAW could play one corporation off against another, setting as a strike target ...
  • Mobilizing for the '90s 

    Bahr, Morton (1989-09-01)
    [Excerpt] CWA's general strategy for the '90s can be summarized as increasing the involvement of our members at work, in their communities, and in building our Union. Building on our tradition of industrial unionism, we ...
  • Participating in Management: Union Organizing on a New Terrain 

    Banks, Andy; Metzgar, Jack (1989-09-01)
    [Excerpt] Seasoned organizers know that all organizing begins one-on-one at your base. The workplace is labor's base and, therefore, the key to the labor movement meeting its many challenges in the 1990s — among them, ...


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