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    • America Needs a Raise 

      AFL-CIO Department of Economic Research (1996-02-19)
      [Excerpt] America needs a raise, in the worst kind of way. While productivity, profits, executive pay and the stock market keep going up, working family incomes keep going down, widening the gap between the rich and the ...
    • The Bush Record on Shipping Jobs Overseas 

      AFL-CIO (2004-08-01)
      [Excerpt] Over the past three years, the U.S. trade deficit has exploded and hundreds of thousands of jobs have disappeared overseas. President Bush has not been an idle bystander in this process—he has actively abetted ...
    • Who's on our Side? A Report on the State of America's Working Families 

      AFL-CIO (2006-02-01)
      [Excerpt] Last month, President Bush attempted to paint a rosy picture of the economy and the State of our Union. But a close look at the daily lives of working families across the nation tells a different story. Things ...