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    • ILR Impact Brief - Labor Branches Out: Resurgence in the Urban Core 

      Turner, Lowell (2007-11-01)
      [Excerpt] Agency (the choices made and strategies pursued by leaders and organizations) and opportunity structure (the presence or absence of institutional, political, and/or social barriers)—are the two factors that seem ...
    • Labor Action Tracker: Annual Report 2021 

      Kallas, Johnnie; Grageda, Leonardo; Friedman, Eli (2022)
      [Excerpt] 2021 was a dramatic year for the US labor movement, with an upsurge in strike activity that gained extensive media attention. In light of ongoing speculation about the scope of these actions, we are particularly ...
    • Puerto Ricans, Politics, and Labor Activism 

      Gonzalez, Eddie; Gray, Lois S. (1984-01-11)
      [Excerpt] Puerto Rican electoral activism in urban America is a relatively recent development. When we contrast electoral activism with labor activism, we find that Puerto Rican participation in the labor movement generally ...