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    • The Industry and the Unions: An Overview 

      Gray, Lois Spier; Seeber, Ronald L. (1996-01-01)
      [Excerpt] This overview chapter provides a framework for the chapters that follow by broadly describing the arts, entertainment, and electronic media (AEEM) industry and the problems confronting it. The overview is presented ...
    • The Negotiations Process and Structures 

      Katz, Harry C.; Kochan, Thomas A.; Colvin, Alexander (2015-01-01)
      [Excerpt] This chapter examines the process by which unions and employers negotiate collective agreements and the structures they use for those negotiations, continuing the analysis of the middle (functional) level of labor ...
    • The New Solidarity? Trade Union Coalition-Building in Five Countries 

      Frege, Carola; Heery, Edmund; Turner, Lowell (2004-01-01)
      [Excerpt] The purpose of this chapter is to present a framework for the analysis of union coalition-building and demonstrate its utility using comparative empirical material mainly from the United States, Germany, and the ...
    • The Politics of the Labor Movement Revitalization: The Need for a Revitalized Perspective 

      Baccaro, Lucio; Haman, Kerstin; Turner, Lowell (2003-01-01)
      [Excerpt] Unions everywhere are struggling. Globalization, with its supporting neo-liberal ideology, encourages employers and governments to push vigorously against the constraints of employment regulation. Unions have to ...
    • The Politics of Work Reorganization: Pervasive Union Decline? 

      Turner, Lowell (1991-01-01)
      [Excerpt] These are hard times for unions. There is currently a broad cross-national trend toward the decentralization of bargaining in industrial relations, which challenges established bases of union influence everywhere. ...
    • The Power of Questions 

      Margolies, Ken (2012-01-01)
      [Excerpt] “When you are tempted to make a statement, ask a question instead.” That valuable advice came from Fred Ross, Sr., the veteran organizer who was a mentor to the legendary Cesar Chavez, a founder of the United ...
    • The Role of the Economic, Technological, and Demographic Environments 

      Katz, Harry C.; Kochan, Thomas A.; Colvin, Alexander (2015-01-01)
      [Excerpt] This chapter examines how various forces in the environment influence labor relations in emerging countries. We focus in particular on how factors in the economic, technological, and demographic environments ...
    • The Route to the Top: Female Union Leaders and Union Policy 

      Gray, Lois Spier (1993-01-01)
      [Excerpt] Although women now constitute about one third of the members of labor unions in the United States, they are still barely visible in top leadership. To what extent are women currently making inroads in union ...
    • The Steward’s Role in Bargaining 

      Margolies, Ken (2001-09-01)
      [Excerpt] Bargaining a new contract is one of the biggest events in the life of a union, and one that offers stewards many opportunities to build a stronger organization. For many stewards, though, the bargaining process ...
    • The Transformation of Industrial Relations in Eastern Germany 

      Jürgens, Ulrich; Klinzing, Larissa; Turner, Lowell (1993-01-01)
      Citing case studies based on interviews they conducted in 1991 and 1992 with labor representatives and managers at six eastern German manufacturing firms, the authors argue that the future could hold either vigor and growth ...
    • Three Good Steward Habits 

      Margolies, Ken A. (2011-01-01)
      [Excerpt] I learned these habits from a former colleague, Jessica Govea Thourborne, who developed them when she was one of the founding members of the United Farm Workers Union with Caesar Chavez. Cancer took Jessica from ...
    • Three Plants, Three Futures 

      Turner, Lowell (1989-01-01)
      To spread teamwork and cooperation, managers need to reform themselves—especially their attitudes about workers. At NUMMI, management has provided a system of work and rewards that has earned the loyalty of most employees ...
    • Time Management for Stewards 

      Margolies, Ken (1998-01-01)
      [Excerpt] Too much to do? Too little time to do it? Stewards face that problem every day – and the smart ones do something about it. It’s called time management.
    • Time Management for Stewards 

      Margolies, Ken (2012-01-01)
      [Excerpt] Too much to do? Too little time to do it? Stewards face that problem every day – and the smart ones do something about it. It’s called time management.
    • Trabajar eficazmente con personas seropositivas al VIH 

      Brown, Nellie J. (2001-01-01)
      Este folleto es uno de una serie sobre prácticas de recursos humanos y acomodos en el lugar de trabajo para personas con discapacidades editada por Susanne M. Bruyère, Ph.D., CRC, Directora, Employment and Disability ...
    • Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining: Suggestions for Emerging Democracies in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union 

      Katz, Harry C.; Kuruvilla, Sarosh; Turner, Lowell (1993-01-01)
      This paper provides lessons for industrial relations reform efforts in the new nations emerging from the former Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc. Our purpose is to identify the basic industrial-relations practices that enable ...
    • Training Needs Assessment of Farm Workers in Orange and Sullivan Counties, NY 

      Margolies, Ken (2001-06-20)
      [Excerpt] A team of three faculty members from Cornell interviewed people from agencies or organizations that provide services to or work with farm workers in and near Orange and Sullivan Counties NY. We also met many times ...
    • Trends in Selection and Training of International Union Staff: Implications for University and College Labor Education 

      Gray, Lois S. (1980-03-01)
      [Excerpt] Reflecting increasing complexity of functions, American labor unions are turning to technically rained specialists for a variety of staff functions and giving increased support to education for staff. What are ...
    • Unifying Germany: Crisis, Conflict, and Social Partnership in the East 

      Turner, Lowell (1997-01-01)
      [Excerpt] I argue that social partnership is alive and well in eastern Germany. My evidence for this surprising outcome includes the IG Metall strike victory of 1993 and plant-level case studies of restructuring and ...
    • Union Administrative Practices: A Comparative Analysis 

      Clark, Paul F.; Gilbert, Kay; Gray, Lois Spier; Solomon, Norman (1998-12-01)
      In response to growing challenges, many labor organizations are reevaluating themselves in an effort to become more efficient and effective. Their efforts, however, are limited by their frames of reference. Seldom do unions ...