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    • Why Contracts Can Be Hard To Interpret 

      Margolies, Ken (2007-05-01)
      [Excerpt] In steward heaven all contracts are written in clear language that everyone understands. Here on Earth, though, it seems contracts are written to make them as difficult to interpret as possible.
    • Why Not Unions to Combat Sweatshops? 

      Grabelsky, Jeffrey (1995-08-29)
    • Why Revitalize? Labour’s Urgent Mission in a Contested Global Economy 

      Turner, Lowell (2004-01-01)
      What looked like carte blanche for corporate-led globalization just a few years ago is now increasingly contested. The brave new vision of market fundamentalism has been challenged on several fronts, from massive demonstrations ...
    • WNYCOSH Issues REVISED Guidance for Grocery Stores 

      Brown-Cashdollar, Brian; Brown, Nellie J. (2020-04-03)
      Grocery stores across Western New York have made significant changes to encourage social distancing and hand washing. Additionally many stores have gone beyond our recommendations by issuing PPE and installing plexiglass ...
    • Women and Union Leadership in the UK and USA: First Findings From a Cross-National Research Project 

      Kirton, Gill; Healy, Geraldine; Alvarez, Sally; Lieberwitz, Risa; Gatta, Mary (2010-05-01)
      This is a report prepared for Cornell Conference on Women and Union Leadership held at Cornell University, New York City on May 8th 2010 and for Queen Mary/SERTUC Workshop on Women and Union Leadership held at Congress ...
    • Women in Union Leadership Roles 

      Gray, Lois Spier (1988-07-01)
      [Excerpt] Progress has been slower at the policy making level, as illustrated by the report that in these same unions with 45% or more female membership, women hold less than 10% of .the executive board positions. While ...
    • Working Effectively with Individuals who are HIV-Positive 

      New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute; Brown, Nellie (2010-05-01)
      This brochure is one of a series on human resources practices and workplace accommodations for persons with disabilities edited by Susanne M. Bruyère, Ph.D., CRC, Director, Employment and Disability Institute, Cornell ...
    • Working It Out 

      Margolies, Ken (2003-07-01)
      [Excerpt] Every steward knows that it’s almost always better to work out problems with management informally, without having to resort to filing a grievance. And ever steward knows that if you do have to file a grievance, ...
    • Young + Old = Union Power 

      Margolies, Ken (2010-03-01)
      [Excerpt] As a steward, whatever your age, your job is to represent and unite members of all generations. This can be challenging, especially when there are barriers to communication and understanding between the "old-timers" ...
    • Youth and Unions 

      Fontes, Marlena; Margolies, Ken (2010-03-08)
      [Excerpt] Following a suggestion from the Cornell ILR Labor Advisory Counsel in early 2009 Cornell ILR began studying the relationships between young workers and unions. Marlena Fontes, a Cornell student, worked with Cornell ...