Recent Submissions

  • On a Proper Meta-Analytic Model for Correlations 

    Erez, Amir; Bloom, Matthew C.; Wells, Martin T. (1995-06-01)
    Combining statistical information across studies is a standard research tool in applied psychology. The most common approach in applied psychology is the fixed effects model. The fixed-effects approach assumes that individual ...
  • Reporting of Sexual Assault: Institutional Comparisons, 2013 

    Karns, M. E. (2015-06-30)
    How well are colleges counting sexual assaults that occur on their campuses? This paper provides two measures, the Assault Reporting Ratio (ARR) and the Reporting Rate per 10,000 students (R10K), that address this question. ...
  • ILR Impact Brief - Evidence, Police Credibility, and Race Affect Juror First Votes 

    Wells, Martin T.; Garvey, Stephen P.; Hannaford-Agor, Paula; Hans, Valerie P.; Mott, Nicole L.; Munsterman, G. Thomas (2006-08-01)
    The question of why jurors decide to acquit or convict the defendant in criminal trials has long intrigued researchers. Earlier studies found only weak ties between jurors' views of the case and juror demographics (gender, ...


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