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    • Blueprint for Change: A National Assessment of Winning Union Organizing Strategies 

      Bronfenbrenner, Kate; Hickey, Robert (2003-01-01)
      In the last seven years the AFL-CIO has put forth an immense effort to facilitate, support, and encourage organizing initiatives by all affiliates. Although to date progress has been much slower than the leadership of the ...
    • Human Resource Strategy for Labor Unions: Oxymoron, Chimera or Contributor to Revival 

      Margolies, Ken (2011-05-01)
      While the need for revival strategies for the labor movement has stimulated much discussion and research, little or no attention has been paid to the role of HR strategies for unions. This paper addresses the question, ...
    • An Introduction to Labor and Employment Law 

      Gold, Michael (SUNY OER Services, 2018)
      An Introduction to Labor and Employment Discrimination Law is not an attempt to teach law to undergraduates, but rather to introduce them to legal reasoning. The principal means to this end are cases that present competing ...
    • Labor Rights in Haiti 

      Compa, Lance (1989-04-01)
      [Excerpt] This study of labor rights in Haiti was conducted on behalf of the International Labor Rights Education and Research Fund by Lance Compa, Washington Representative of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine ...
    • New York City Collective Bargaining Law: 50 Years (1967-2017) 

      Office of Collective Bargaining (2017-01-01)
      [Excerpt] The NYCCBL was preceded by a tumultuous period of employee organization and labor unrest that culminated in 1965, when the City’s Welfare Department workers held a month-long strike. During that strike, unions ...
    • Skeptics of the Screen: Irish Perceptions of Online Dispute Resolution 

      Boehme, Simon James (2015-01-01)
      This paper captures current trends in Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) and its potential use in Ireland by analyzing Irish practitioners’ current attitudes and awareness of ODR. Ultimately, this work provides the groundwork ...
    • Some Terms From Liberian Speech 

      Gold, Michael Evan (1979-01-01)
      Written by Warren L. d’Azevedo as revised and enlarged by Michael Evan Gold.
    • Trade’s Hidden Costs: Worker Rights in a Changing World Economy 

      Cavanagh, John; Compa, Lance; Ebert, Allan; Goold, Bill; Selvaggio, Kathy; Shorrock, Tim (1988-01-01)
      [Excerpt] For decades, the U.S. foreign assistance program has sought with limited results to further economic development and growth in Third World countries. We have witnessed some countries making real progress toward ...
    • Unions, Associations and Twenty-First Century Professionals 

      Hurd, Richard W.; Lakhani, Tashlin (2008-03-01)
      [Excerpt] Unions that represent professional and technical workers are at a critical juncture in their evolution. On the one hand, there is tremendous opportunity; disproportionate employment growth can be expected for ...