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    • The Future of Farming and Food: Internet of Things, Block chain and other disrupting technologies 

      Poppe, Krijn (The Internet-First University Press, 2017-10-25)
      Farming and the food chain are experiencing a period of change with new information and communication technologies. Internet of Things, location based monitoring (by machinery, satellites or drones), mobile and cloud ...
    • Paul Feeny and Anurag Agrawal Converse 

      Feeny, Paul; Agrawal, Anurag (Internet-First University Press, 2017-05)
      Paul Patrick Feeny is a professor emeritus in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Cornell University. In this video he talks with his faculty colleague, Prof, Anurag Agrawal, about his life and career at ...
    • The Early Years of Academic Computing: A Collection of Memoirs 

      Arms, William Y.; King, Kenneth M. (The Internet-First University Press, 2017-04-15)
    • The Early Years of Academic Computing: A Memoir by Douglas S. Gale 

      Ferriss, Dianne (The Internet-First University Press, 2017-04-15)
      This is from a collection of reflections/memoirs concerning the early years of academic computing, emphasizing the period when Cornell developed its own decentralized computing environments and networking became a national ...
    • A Conversation with Francine Blau 

      Blau, Francine; Salvatore, Nick (Internet-First University Press, 2017-04-07)
    • A Conversation with Kurt Gottfried 

      Gottfried, Kurt; Lepage, Peter (Internet-First University Press, 2017-04-07)
      Gottfried discusses his early life and education, career, research in physics, his classic book, Quantum Mechanics: Fundamentals, and his role as co-founder of the Union of Concerned Scientists, which dealt with policy ...
    • Agricultural Economics to the Dyson School: A Personal Experience 

      Tomek, William (Bill) G. (The Internet-First University Press, 2017-03-07)
      This prominent econometrician recounts his journey at Cornell, dealing with The Early Years, The Middle Years, his role as Department Chair, Achieving Faculty Diversity, The Later Years, and Other Cornell Experiences. He ...
    • Legacy Meeting Papers and Unpublished Manuscripts of J. Robert Cooke 

      Cooke, J. Robert (The Internet-First University Press, 2017-03)
      This is a collection of non-peer-reviewed ASAE (now ASABE) meeting papers. Most of these manuscripts were subsequently published in peer-reviewed venues. However, this is the sole, online source for a number of these “stranded” ...
    • A history of activities from 1963 – Retirement, 1998 

      German, Gene A. (The Internet-First University Press, 2017-02-07)
      Gene German describes his Cornell journey from the Food Industry Management Program and the Home Study Program in Food Industry Management to his experiences teaching popular courses, advising students and leading the Food ...
    • A Conversation with Bob Frank 

      Frank, Bob; Gilovich, Thomas D. (Internet-First University Press, 2016-12-16)
    • A Conversation with David Feldshuh 

      Feldshuh, David; Levitt, Bruce A. (Internet-First University Press, 2016-12-16)
    • A Conversation with Thomas D. Gilovich 

      Gilovich, Thomas D.; Pizarro, David A. (Internet-First University Press, 2016-12-15)
    • Perspectives on Nobel Laureate Barbara McClintock’s Publications (1926-1984): A Companion Volume 

      Kass, Lee B.(editor) (Internet-First University Press, 2016-10-24)
      The original two volume set is a collection of papers and perspectives on the publications of Nobel Laureate Barbara McClintock, who was educated in Plant Breeding and Botany at Cornell University (1919-1927), and where ...
    • Pinstrup-Andersen (Scott Series Lec#1) 

      Pinstrup-Andersen, Per (The Internet-First University Press, 2016-09-13)
      Population growth, diet transition and societies’ desire to assure sustainable management of natural resources as well as attempts to mitigate or adapt to the consequences of climate change, will continue to put considerable ...
    • A Conversation with André Jagendorf 

      Jagendorf, André; Turgeon, Robert (Internet-First University Press, 2016-09-08)
      On September 8, 2016 André discussed his life journey with colleague, Robert Turgeon, a professor in the Plant Biology Section.
    • Agronomy at Cornell 

      Cline, Marlin G. (The Internet-First University Press. ©2016 Cornell University, 2016-07-12)
      The account which follows focuses on the subject matter within the Department of Agronomy as of 1980, namely soils, production of field crops other than vegetables and fruit, and atmospheric science. That combination is ...
    • 11 - Computer-aided Education of Structural Mechanics and Finite Element Method Using VisualFEA 

      Lee, Jae Young (2016-03-01)
      The presentation in this video explains the meaning and effectiveness of computer-aided education in structural mechanics and finite element method. The educational functions are introduced as a unique and special feature ...
    • VisualFEA - Computer Program 

      Lee, Jae Young (2016-03-01)
      VisualFEA is an easy-to-use but powerful finite element analysis program, full-fledged with pre- and post-processing capabilities. The program has a unique feature for computer-aided education of structural mechanics and ...
    • 21 - An example of 2D frame 

      Lee, Jae Young (2016-03-01)
      This screen demo exemplifies structural modeling of a simple 2 dimensional frame, using VisualFEA. The program is featured by interactive modeling and visualization through real-time analysis. This show how to create a ...
    • 41 - Computation of Element Stiffness Matrix 

      Lee, Jae Young (2016-03-01)
      A simple example of a frame model is presented to shows how to examine the computational details of the element stiffness matrix, using the educational function. The items of computation include the element stiffness matrix ...