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    • On-Farm Composting Handbook (NRAES 54) 

      Rynk, Robert; van de Kamp, Maarten; Willson, George B.; Singley, Mark E.; Richard, Tom L.; Kolega, John J.; Gouin, Francis R.; Laliberty, Lucien; Kay, David; Murphy, Dennis, W.; Hoitink, Harry A. J.; Brinton, William F. (Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service (NRAES), 1992-06)
      Published in 1992, this book remains a staple in composting education programs. The 11 chapters cover: benefits and drawbacks of composting; the composting process; raw materials; composting methods; composting operations, ...
    • Small to Medium Scale Composting of Food Wastes in New York City - final report 

      Regenstein, Joe; Kay, David; Turci, Paul; Outerbridge, Thomas (Cornell University Department of Food Science and City Green, Inc., 1999)