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    • Propagation of regional seismic phases (Lg and Sn) and Pn velocity structure along the Africa-Iberia plate boundary zone 

      Calvert, A.; Sandvol, E.; Seber, D.; Barazangi, M.; Roecker, S.; Mourabit, T.; Vidal, F.; Alguacil, G.; Jabour, N. (Blackwell Publishing, 2000)
      We used over 1000 regional waveforms recorded by 60 seismic stations located in northwest Africa and Iberia to map the efficiency of L g and Sn wave propagation beneath the Gulf of Cadiz, Alboran Sea and bounding Betic, ...
    • Tomographic imaging of Lg and Sn Propagation in the Middle East 

      Sandvol, E.; Al-Damegh, K.; Calvert, A.; Seber, D.; Barazangi, M.; Mohamad, R.; Gok, R.; Turkelli, N.; Gurbuz, C. (Springer Verlag, 2001)
      Observations based on relatively limited data recorded by sparsely distributed stations have indicated that regional seismic phase propagation (Lg and Sn) is very complex in the Middle East. Accurate characterization of ...