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    • Migration in Rural Burkina Faso 

      Wouterse, Fleur (CUL Initiatives in Publishing (CIP), 2007)
      Migration plays an important role in development and as a strategy for poverty reduction. A recent World Bank investigation finds a significant positive relationship between international migration and poverty reduction ...
    • Income Disparity in China and Its Policy Implications 

      Cheng, Fuzhi (CUL Initiatives in Publishing (CIP), 2007)
      China’s economy has witnessed considerable achievements since economic reforms were initiated in 1978. Average overall gross domestic product (GDP) has grown approximately 9 percent annually during the past two decades. ...
    • PROGRESA: An Integrated Approach to Poverty Alleviation in Mexico 

      Gantner, Leigh (CUL Initiatives in Publishing (CIP), 2007)
      In 1997 the government of Mexico implemented PROGRESA (Programa de Educación, Salud, y Alimenación), an integrated approach to poverty alleviation through the development of human capital. PROGRESA was one part of a larger ...