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    • Rationality and Reason Today 

      Welsch, Wolfgang (2003-12-01)
      We live in a conceptual world of divergent paradigms that are entangled with each other. Rationality is therefore characterized by an extreme disorderliness. Only the faculty of reason is capable of looking across this ...
    • Reason and Transition: On the Concept of Transversal Reason 

      Welsch, Wolfgang (2003-12-01)
      This paper redefines the notion of reason as a core intellectual capacity, contrasts it with the concept of multiple rationalities, and shows how it is essential for taking a detached view of ones own position. Reason aims ...
    • Reason: traditional and contemporary, or Why should we still speak of reason at all? 

      Welsch, Wolfgang (2003-12-01)
      Reason was once considered a higher order faculty than rationality. Beginning with Kant, rationality began to eclipse reason in significance. Today, we assume the existence of multiple rationalities, each with its own ...