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    • The Division of Poland, 1772, 1793, 1795 

      Frederick II of Prussia; Maria Theresa of Austria; Catherine II of Russia (Rodolphe Decker, Ginn and Co., Yale University Press, 1906)
      Selections from the writings of Frederick II of Prussia, Maria Theresa of Austria and Catherine II of Russia regarding the partitions of Poland
    • On the Vienna Congress, 1815 

      Metternich, Prince Richard (Howard Fertig, 1970)
      Events of the Congress of Vienna, 1815. Includes: 192. Memoir by Frederick von Gentz, February 12, 1815. 193. Metternich to Hardenberg, Vienna, December 10, 1814. 194. Talleyrand to Metternich, Vienna, December 12, 1814.
    • Reports of the U.S. Representative in Vienna, 1877 

      U.S. Representative in Vienna (Government Printing Office, 1878)
      Includes reports on the details of Austro-Hungarian dualism, Austrian and Hungarian policy vis-a-vis the declining Ottoman Empire (Turkey) and the so-called "Eastern Question" and a variety of other issues relating to the ...
    • Speech at the Pittsburgh Banquet, 1852 

      Kossuth, Lajos (Common Council of the City of New York, 1852)
      Lajos Kossuth was the leader of the 1848 revolution in Hungary, which was defeated with the help of imperial Russia in 1849. His speech outlines the goals of the Hungarian nationalist cause to an American audience in 1852, ...
    • The Treaty of Brest, 1595 

      Michael, Metropolitain of Kiev, et al. (unknown, 1595)
    • The Treaty of London for Greek Independence, July 6, 1827, excerpts 

      Unknown author (Harrison and Sons, Twayne, 1827)