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    • Assessing Reagan's record: economic policy 

      Greve, Michael S.; Ranney, Christine K.; McAdams, A. K. (Alan K.); Jackson, Steven (1984-10-24)
      McAdams points to the weaknesses in Reagan's economic policy while Greve defends it. Ranney emphasizes social justice concerns while Jachson focuses on the long-term societal effects of Reagan's policies.
    • Assessing Reagan's record: women's concerns 

      Katzenstein, Mary Fainsod, 1945-; Feldman, Margaret (1984-10-09)
      Katzenstein speaks of Reagan's attempts to reestablish the patriarchal family as predominant in the U.S. Feldman speaks of Reagan's attempts to curtail federal medical assistance for the elderly, a disproportionate number ...
    • Can Anyone Defeat Reagan? 

      Lowi, Theodore J.; Ginsberg, Benjamin (1984-03-06)
      Lowi and Ginsberg discuss the possibility and probability of Reagan being defeated in the upcoming election.
    • The Reagan legacy and beyond 

      Meese, Edwin (1988-11-15)
      Meese gives an overview of Reagan's administration and addresses the challenges facing President-elect Bush in his upcoming administration.