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    • Goals for the 21st-century 

      Sagan, Carl, 1934-1996 (1988-06-10)
      Sagan discusses the socioeconomic implications of present-day expenditures on conventional and nuclear arms as well as the hypothetical recognition of states like South Africa on the future.
    • Invention in the nuclear age--no apocalypse, not now 

      Derrida, Jacques (1984-04-20)
      Derrida distinguishes between the fiction and reality of nuclear war, places the nuclear age within the context of history, and clarifies the role of the critic in nuclear discourse.
    • The nuclear arms race: what might be done 

      York, Herbert F. (Herbert Frank) (1984-04-19)
      York explores the history of, and politics behind, the nuclear arms race. He suggests steps which the United States government and universities can take in order to halt the cold war.
    • The nuclear arms race: why it is so hard to deal with 

      York, Herbert F. (Herbert Frank) (1984-04-17)
      York describes the nuclear arms race and the problems inherent in dealing with it.