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    • A Consumer's Perception of Organic Produce 

      D'Agastino, Jack; Salih, Samirp (2015)
    • A cover crop can provide 

      Gregory, John; Henry, Alan; Jess, Kevin (2019-11)
      An educational parody of “A Country Boy Can Survive” by Hank Williams Jr. focusing on the benefit that cover crops can provide, along with covering other topics learned in PLSCS 1900. Topics such as IPM, cover crops, soil ...
    • A Farmer's Story 

      Erdridge, Paige (2017-11)
    • A New way to cover crop 

      Morrison, Annmiek; Pines, Eddie (2020)
      Our film draws attention to a new growing system that is dramatically reforming Florida’s dying citrus industry. This new system is “Citrus Under Protective Screening” or CUPS. Through art visuals, on sight footage, and ...
    • Agricultural Spraying Revolution 

      Guy, Joshua (2015)
      Thsi is a video describing the agriculture spraying revolution
    • Agriculture in Niger 

      Sani Haladou, Bichara (2017-11)
    • Agriculture Startups 

      Frank, Robert; Kim, Matthew; Naizby, Hunter (2017-11)
    • Agritourism: more than ag and more than tourism 

      Feely, Kaitlyn; Spolarich, Catherine (2020)
      This short documentary explores the economic, social, and environmental benefits of agrotourism. It includes footage from Wegmans, The Ithaca Farmers Market, Indian Creek farms and interviews with farmers and agritourists.
    • Agroforestry: Embracing Forest Diversity 

      Gingrich, Katherine; DuBose, Clairion (2017-11)
    • Are You Smarter than a Fletcher? 

      Fletcher, Cassidy (2015)
    • Back to Earth 

      Clark, Perry (2021-11-01)
      In this production, composting is analyzed on a variety of levels. The many possibilities and benefits of composting are disucussed in detail.
    • Backyard Chickens 

      Otis, Diana (2016)
      Describes the sustainable aspects of raising backyard chickens, an extension of urban agriculture.
    • Bees in Sustainable Agriculture 

      Matteo, Olivia (2018-11-12)
    • Bell Book and Candle Restaurant 

      Margolis, Samuel (2017-11)
    • Beneath the wool 

      Markowski, Cheyenne; Kreizel, Pinchas; Lemgruber Viol, Giovanna (2019-11)
      Our film looks at sustainable sheep farming. We interview Judy ‘Basha’ Genova who raises sheep using sustainable methods and Dr. Michael Thonneywho directs the Cornell Sheep Program and researches sheep in solar farms.
    • Biochar and its Role in Sustainable Agriculture 

      Lee, Darian; Caruso, Dakota; Kovitch, Alex (2021-11-01)
      This film outlines the production and agricultural uses of biochar, especially as a method of waste disposal. 
    • Biocontrol nematodes: a future in sustainable pest control 

      Konka, Maggie (2020)
      This film is based around an interview with Elson Shields, in which he describes how he came up with the idea of using nematodes to help control agricultural pests in New York state. In this film he details what these ...
    • Black Earth 

      Cooper-Smith, Kendra; Hamilton, Maggie; Poole-Dayan, Tomer (2021-11-15)
      This film explores what it means to farm sustainably while Black in New York by visiting the Learning Farm in Ithaca during their Land Justice Event.
    • Brown Cows Make Chocolate Milk 

      Henderson, William (2018-11-14)
    • Camlam Farms: A Documentary 

      Lamb, Anna (2015)
      A documentary discussing a family avocado and lemon farm and sustainable practices used as well as the 3 pillars of Sustainable Agriculture