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    • An Annotated Bibliography on Progressive Cities 

      Clavel, Pierre (1987)
      By 1984, Pierre Clavel had been gathering background information - news clippings, documents, and taping interviews in cities he had identified as "progressive" cases: Berkeley, Hartford, Cleveland, and Santa Monica in ...
    • The Battle for City Hall: What Do We Fight Over? 

      Simmons, Louise (1996-09)
      Simmons was part of People for Change, a combination third party and community coalition that won control of the Hartford City Council in 1991 under then-mayor Carrie Saxon Perry. Nicholas Carbone's period of poverty-fighting ...
    • Building on the Basics: The Final Report of the Mayor’s Task Force on Steel and Southeast Chicago 

      City of Chicago (City of Chicago, Department of Economic Development, 1986)
      Chicago Mayor Harold Washington introduced this 44 page report as an “inventory of recommendations” coming from the city’s Task Force on Steel and Southeast Chicago (1984-1986). The scope was expansive. There was equal ...
    • Building the Bridge to the High Road: Expanding Participation and Democracy in the Economy to Build Sustainable Communities 

      Swinney, Dan (Center for Labor and Community Research, 2000)
      Describes the evolution of the Center for Labor and Community Research from Swinney’s 1970s practice as a shop floor labor organizer and toward a realization that changes in overall business structure had destroyed the ...
    • Building the Progressive City: Third Sector Housing in Burlington 

      Davis, John Emmeus (Temple University Press, 1990)
      In 1983 John Davis was a member of the technical assistance staff of the Massachusetts-based Institute for Community Economics (ICE) when Brenda Torpy and Michael Monte of Burlington VT’s Community and Economic Development ...
    • Chicago Politics and Community Development: A Social Movement Perspective 

      Gills, Doug (Rutgers University Press, 1991)
      Doug Gills, with John Betancur, did a series of books and other pieces on community organizing in the aftermath of the Washington mayoralty in the Richard M. Daley administration in the 1990s. He had earlier done a ...
    • "Chicago Works Together": 1984 Chicago Development Plan 

      City of Chicago (City of Chicago, 1984-05)
      Commissioned by Mayor Harold Washington and directed by Economic Development Commissioner Robert Mier, who convened key department heads in a series of retreats in the winter and spring of 1984. Mier provided them with ...
    • The Cities Wealth: Programs for Community Economic Control in Berkeley, California 

      Bach, Eve; Brom, Thomas; Estrella, Julia; Goldberg, Lenny; Kirshner, Ed (National Conference on Alternative State and Local Public Policies, 1976-11)
      Reflecting on a decade of radical and progressive coalition politics led Berkeley Citizen’s Action (BCA), a group of activists affiliated with elected councilmembers John Denton, Loni Hancock and Ying Lee Kelley, and ...
    • The City as a Real Estate Investor 

      Carbone, Nicholas (1981-05-07)
      Carbone had been deputy mayor and city council leader for a decade (1969-1979) when he was defeated in a bid for an expanded mandate and the mayoralty. While in office he led the city in a series of policies to counter ...
    • Cleveland Policy Planning Report 

      Cleveland (Ohio). City Planning Commission (1975)
      On page 9 of the Cleveland Policy Planning Report, its second page of text, the Cleveland planners stated: "Equity requires that locally-responsible government institutions give priority attention to the goal of promoting ...
    • Community Development In Maine: Coastal Enterprises, Inc. 

      Clavel, Pierre (1996-07-16)
      History and development of a rural community development corporation. Documents the transition from resource based, import substitution and direct production to finance and technical support to diverse local initiatives.
    • Constructing the Post-Apartheid Johannesburg: Former Officials and Politicians Tell Their Stories, A Research in Progress 

      Benit-Gbaffou, Claire; Seedat, Rashid (2012-10-18)
      Ongoing project engages top and middle level city officials who had entered city gov ernment intent on reform following the end of Apartheid in the 1990s. Purpose is to capture reflections on: - The relationship between ...
    • Contextualizing Radical Planning: The 1970s Chicano Takeover in Crystal City, Texas 

      Thompson, Jonathan (Planners Network, 2008)
      Describes the 1970 takeover of Crystal City, Texas by radical Chicano activists, their attempts at government reform, obstacles encountered and eventual collapse.
    • Decentralized Development: From Theory to Practice 

      Mier, Robert; Moe, Kari (Rutgers University Press, 1991)
      Robert Mier had been Commissioner of Economic Development, Kari Moe in the Mayors Office in the Harold Washington administration. Here they draw on that experience for a well referenced and detailed account of the Department ...
    • Democratic Socialism and the Local State: the Case of the Greater London Council 

      Egan, Daniel (2005-09)
      Describes the radical labor faction’s period of control (1981-1986) that ended when the Thatcher government’s opposition finally resulted in Council abolition. Includes a careful analysis of legal and political constraints ...
    • Five Year Summary Report 1983-1988 

      Community and Economic Development Office (CEDO), City of Burlington, Vermont (City of Burlington, Vermont, 1988)
      The Five Year Summary Report recounts CEDO's accomplishments in Community Development, Waterfront Development, Housing and Economic Development -- its main departments when set up under director Peter Clavelle in 1983. ...
    • Flipping the Script: Toward a Transformative Urban Redevelopment Agenda in Chattanooga, Tennessee 

      Knapp, Courtney Elizabeth (Planners Network, 2013)
      Brief account of how social justice organizations integrated the city's traditional progressive narrative with an economic justice-based vision for community planning and development.
    • Freedom, Public Deliberation and the Archive 

      Hamilton, Carolyn; Mangcu, Xolela (2006)
      This paper proceeds from three central propositions: the first is that ongoing public deliberation is a powerful vehicle for social change and economic progress, and is fundamental to the attainment, and maintenance, of ...
    • Harold Washington and the Neighborhoods 

      Wiewel, Wim; Clavel, Pierre (1992)
      When Wim Wiewel and Pierre Clavel co-edited Harold Washington and the Neighborhoods (Rutgers University Press, 1991), they also began videotaping interviews with potential chapter authors, initially (in 1989) with the video ...
    • How the Progressives Won in Santa Monica 

      Shearer, Derek (1982)
      Rent control's passage in 1979 was the electoral breakthrough that established Santa Monicans for Renters Rights; SMRR's "Principles of Unity" laid out a comprehensive set of wider platform. The attainment of a solid ...