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    • Anaerobic Digestion and Wetland Treatment Case Study: Comparing Two Manure Odor Control Systems for Dairy Farms 

      Wright, Peter (1998-07)
      A comparison of two existing odor control treatments on dairy farms in NY shows the costs and benefits of each system. On one dairy farm an anaerobic digester is used to stabilize the manure and collect methane for the ...
    • Fixed Film Digester at Farber Dairy Farm 

      Wright, Peter; Ma, Jianguo (2003-08)
      JJ Farber Dairy is located in the town of East Jewett in Greene County. The farm milks 100 cows and has been a closed herd for many years. The farm is located in the New York City watershed and has used a liquid manure ...
    • Old Acres Farm and Formso landfill 

      Dairy Environmental Systems Group (2004-01)
      Develop a biowaste treatment facility with power generation that is: 1. Owned and operated by a community-based cooperative business; 2. Provides manure treatment services to multiple farms within the community; 3. ...