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    • 2021 Corn silage overview 

      Lawrence, Joe; Kerwin, Allison (2021-11)
      The growing season across much of the Northeast started with average to slightly above average heat unit accumulation and below average precipitation. This provided relatively good conditions for corn planting, with trial ...
    • Alfalfa Fall Harvest Guidelines 

      Cherney, J.H.; Cherney, D.J.R. (2013-02-01)
    • Cover crop and fall manure application window 

      Cox, Bill (DairyBusiness East, 2015-01)
      The case for earlier planting instead of shorter maturing corn.
    • Double-cropping with forage sorghum and forage triticale in New York: Best timing for sorghum harvest and triticale planting 

      Lyons, Sarah; Ketterings, Quirine; Godwin, Greg; Cherney, Jerome; Cherney, Debbie; Meisinger, John; Kilcer, Thomas (Progressive Dairy, 2021-03)
      Double-cropping with both warm­ and cool-season forages in New York can have many benefits, including providing a source of forage yield in the spring that potentially leads to greater total season yields than a monocrop ...
    • First cutting: Resources for success in 2022 

      Lawrence, Joe (PRO-DAIRY, 2022-05)
      First cutting of a perennial hay crop offers the opportunity to capture high quantity and quality but timely harvest can be met with a number of obstacles. This document provides links to several currently available resources ...
    • Late summer alfalfa harvest? Take Labor Day off! 

      Lawrence, Joe; Cherney, Jerry; Hunter, Mike (PRO-DAIRY, 2016-08)
      Alfalfa harvest schedule is an annual discussion as day length begins to shorten and with many areas facing short forage supplies the topic has even greater emphasis. The bottom line is that the underlying principles for ...
    • Setting the Stage for Success: Corn Silage Harvest 

      Lawrence, Joe; Kuck, Ron (PRO-DAIRY, 2016-08)
      Taking the time to plan can greatly increase the odds of success in any endeavor. Planning for corn silage harvest not only increases the odds of getting through harvest season with success but will benefit your farms ...
    • Time to check the progress of your first cutting 

      Lawrence, Joe; Kuck, Ron; O'Neil, Kitty (PRO-DAIRY, 2016-05)
      Changes in harvest management on many farms have resulted in an evolution of first cutting going from a necessary evil that had to be dealt with in feeding programs, to the most desired crop on many dairies, and grasses ...
    • When more is better 

      Lawrence, Joe; Kuck, Ron (PRO-DAIRY, 2016-04)
      The approach of harvest is a good time to make preparations to ensure the season is as successful as possible. There are lots of rules and sayings regarding quantity: too much of a good thing, point of diminishing return, ...