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    • BEE Picnic (July 08, 2002) 

      Cooke, J. Robert (Internet-First University Press, 2007)
      This is a video snapshot of the BEE Department Picnic of July 08, 2002.
    • Being Eisenman: Peter Eisenman '54 

      Handler, Philip; Handler, Maddy (Fly on the Wall Productions, 2004-06)
      This video is a highly personal account of Eisenman's life and work told by alumnus Peter Eisenman'54, created in celebration of his 50th Cornell Reunion. Vintage pictures from Eisenman's years at and right after Cornell, ...
    • Beliefs: Eight Essays and Nine Rules to Live By 

      Marcham, Frederick G. (2006-08-15)
      This book contains seven numbered essays that F. G. Marcham shared most often with friends and others, and an eighth, unnumbered essay on nature, delivered at Cornell's Adult University. He also prepared a list of nine ...
    • Biography of Sydney Asdell 

      Foote, Robert H.; Butler, W. Ronald (Internet-First University Press, 2006)
      Dr. Sydney A. Asdell was the first Ph.D. student of F.H.A. Marshall at Cambridge University. Dr. Asdell had an encyclopedic memory. This served him well in teaching and research, and especially in compiling and organizing ...
    • Birth Control Pill Pioneer Turns 100 

      Leonard, Samuel L. (Internet-First University Press, 2005-12-15)
      This is a slide show [and PDF] of an interview with Sam Leonard conducted on his birthday, November 26, 2005. The conversation with friends was spirited as Sam recounted that in 1931, at 26 years of age, he published two ...
    • Birth of the American University 

      Frey, Brian (2004)
      Cornell: Birth of the American University, chronicles the founding of one of the great institutions of learning in the United States, focusing on the two extraordinary men, Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White, whose ...
    • Book: The Legacy of Dale R. Corson 

      Cooke, J. Robert (Producer) (Internet-First University Press, 2009)
      This book captures some significant markers in the life and times of Dale Raymond Corson and his imprint upon Cornell University. His is a unique and remarkable journey. This story is told through three videos -1) "Dale ...
    • Born to Live and Living to Learn: Autobiography of a Farm Boy, Soldier, Parent and Educator 

      Foote, Robert H. (Internet-First University Press, 2003)
      The title of the book gives a synopsis of Robert Foote's life. On page 157 a list of 64 Thank You slides tells the story of a fine dairy farm family life in the depression, University of Connecticut classmates, and on to ...
    • A Brief Photo Essay of My Family and Life: The First 81 years 

      Foote, Robert H. (Internet-First University Press, 2004)
      This booklet was prepared to provide a pictorial story of Rober Foote's family and life and give personal glimpses not possible to convey in the autobiography "Born to Live and Living to Learn: Autobiography of a Farm ...
    • Britons and Cornellians 

      Marcham, Frederick G. (2006-08-15)
      Among many essays written by F. G. Marcham were a number about individuals. One grew out of his publication of a book on the Cornellian bird artist Louis Agassiz Fuertes. Several are memorial tributes to and biographies ...
    • Building an E-Publishing Model from the Stakeholders on Up 

      Gibbons, Susan (Internet-First University Press, 2004-06-01)
      Develop a business model to adapt DSpace for e-publishing..
    • CALS Alumni Awards 2011 

      Unknown author (Internet-First University Press, 2011-11-04)
      On November 4, 2011 The CALS Alumni Association and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences honored alumni of the college who have achieved recognized success in their businesses, professions, or other avocational ...
    • The Case for a Primary Diplomatic Relationship with China 

      Kirk, Mark (Internet-First University Press, 2004-11-08)
      The Honorable Mark Kirk, Cornell class of '81, presented his thoughtful and provocative views on 'The Rise of China' in a November 8, 2004 lecture in Alice Statler Auditorium at Cornell University. Kirk has been named by ...
    • The Cayuga Poker Society Newsletter Comprehensive Collection 

      Cooke, W. Donald (1994)
      Don Cooke was born in 1918 and took up the game of poker in his early days. In his book of memories he wrote of playing poker for books among his young friends. He notes that it was an odd combination but it does explain ...
    • A Celebration of the Life of Barlow Ware 

      Unknown author (Internet-First University Press, 2012-02-05)
      (William) Barlow Ware (1925–2011), the consummate Cornellian, was remembered fondly in two ceremonies in Ithaca on February 5, 2012. At St. John’s Episcopal Church he was eulogized for his dedicated, exemplary service to ...
    • Chaos, Levitation and Sculpture: Overlapping Circles of Creativity 

      Moon, Francis C. (Internet-First University Press, 2012)
      This is lecture, given in spring 1996 as part of Prof. James McConkey’s cross-disciplinary course on Mind and Memory. Prof. Frank Moon presents a lecture/demonstration on his pioneering work on magnetic levitation of trains ...
    • CIGR E-Journal Volume 1 

      Liu, Q.; Arkema, F.W. Bakker; Gemtos, T.A.; Oshita, S.; Sun, Da-Wen; Ayala, R.; Becerra, A.; Iribarne, L.F.; Bosh, A.; Diaz, J.R.; De Cock, L.; Van Lierde, D.; Tran, Tu Tu; Pimentel, D.; Pimentel, M.; Karpenstein-Machan, M.; Sigrimis, N.; Hashimoto, Y.; Munack, A.; De Baerdemaker, J.; Srzednicki, G.S.; Driscoll, R.H. (International Commission of Agricultural Engineering, 1999)
      TECHNICAL ARTICLES: (1) Q. Liu & F. W. Bakker Arkema. Capacity Estimation of High-Temperature Grain Dryers - A Simplified Calculation Method. (2) T.A. Gemtos. Sugar Beet Root Properties in Relation to Harvesting Damage. ...
    • CIGR E-Journal Volume 2 

      Montero, J.; Tarjuelo, J.M.; Ortega, J.F.; de Juan, J.A.; Bohuslavek, Z.; Blahovec, Jioi; Esmir, Ahmed A.S.; Vacek, Josef; Hauhouot-O'Hara, M.; Criner, B.R.; Brusewitz, G.H.; Solie, J.B.; Valero, C.; Ruiz-Altisent, M.; Oztekin, S.; Soysal, Y.; Radon, J.; Bieda, W.; Jaarsma, Catharinus F.; Wojcicka-Migasiuk, Dorota; Chochowski, Andrzej; Clarke, L.J.; Strebkov, Dmitry; Henry, Zachary A.; Dixon, John E.; Turnquist, Paul K.; Schinstock, Jack L.; Singh, Gajendra (International Commission of Agricultural Engineering, 2000)
      TECHNICAL ARTICLES: (1) Montero, J., Tarjuelo, J.M. and Ortega, J.F. Heterogeneity Analysis of the Irrigation in Fields with Medium Size Sprinklers. (2) J.F. Ortega, J.M. Tarjuelo, J. Montero, J.A. de Juan. Discharge ...
    • CIGR E-Journal Volume 3 

      Munack, A.; Nova, A.; Pozeliene, A.; Sawamura, A.; Sumorek, A.; Zairi, A.; Raoult-Wack, A-L.; Kakou, B.G; Stout, B.; Nimmuntavin, C.; Shitanda, D.; Bulanon, D.M.; Bresci, E.; Yamaji, E.; Preti, F.; Best, G.; Riskowski, G.; Srzednicki, G.; Slatni, H. A.; El Amami, H.; Horino, H.; Shimizu, H.; Speckmann, H.; Naas, I.; Buenger, J.; De Baerdemaeker, J.; Hahn, J.; Krahl, J.; Teixeira, J. L.; Li, J.; Imou, K.; Maertens, K.; Matsumoto, K.; Cortez, L.; Pereira, L. S.; Wiset, L.; Gaderer, M.; Gebreselassie, M.; Horynski, M.; Ishida, M.; Rao, M.; Reyniers, M.; Bricas, N.; Shimizu, N.; Sumida, N.; Braunbeck, O.; Kaufman, O.; Schroeder, O.; Bruscoli, P.; Lamp, P.; Rodrigues, P. N.; Siwapornak, P.; Driscoll, R.; Eko, R. Medjo; Ziegler, R.; Koide, S.; Lynikiene, S.; Manmoto, S.; Nishimura, S.; Fischer, T.; Friedrich, T.; Hiroma, T.; Kataoka, T.; Machado, T.; Mitsuno, T.; Mizukami, T.; Nagano, T.; Nishizu, T.; Okamoto, T.; Tomson, T.; Umehara, T.; Anbumozhi, V.; Chancellor, W.; Pietrzyk, W.; Schoelkopf, W.; Ikeda, Y.; Kaizu, Y.; Nishiyama, Y.; Ota, Y.; Torikata, Y. (International Commission of Agricultural Engineering, 2001)
      TECHNICAL ARTICLES: (1) P. Bruscoli, E. Bresci and F. Preti. Diagnostic Analysis of an Irrigation System in the Andes Region. Vol. III, February 2001. (2) T. Fischer, M. Gaderer, P. Lamp, W. Schoelkopf, and R. Ziegler. ...
    • CIGR E-Journal Volume 4 

      Ajav, E.A.; Akingbehin, O.A.; Alchanatis, V.; Auernhammer, H.; Behrens, F.; Bishop, C.; Bjerg, B.; Brehme, G.; Brikman, R.; Cavalaris, C.K.; Cavalieri, R.; Chertkov, V.Y.; Clarke, L.; Clyma, W.; Coolman, F.; Cuello, J.; Curto, F.; Dahl, P.J.; De Castro, P.; Douthwaite, B.; Feldhaus, B.; Feyereisen, G.; Fiala, M.; Fujimoto, H.; Gemtos, T.A.; Hashiguchi, K.; Heege, H.; Hirai, Y.; Hoshiba, S.; Houszka, H.M; Ibuki, T.; Ikeguchi, A.; Imou, K.; Inoue, E.; Isaac, N.; Johnson, J.O.; Juan, J.A.; Kaizu, Y.; Kashti, Y.; Krause, K.-H.; Kuczynski, T.; Leikam, D.; Miyasaka, J.; Momozu, M.; Mori, K.; Morimoto, E.; Morita, S.; Morsing, S.; Munack, A.; Murayama, M.; Naas, I.; Nagasaka, Y.; Natsis, A.; Nekomoto, K.; Oida, A.; Okamoto, E.; Okamoto, T.; Opara, L.; Ortega, J.F.; Otani, R.; Papadakis, G.; Parnell, C.B.; Pawlak, J.; Pellizzi, G.; Pereira, D.; Pierce, F.; Pitsilis, I.; Pochi, D.; Reid, J.; Salagado, D.; Schrock, M.; Shaw, B.W.; Shigeta, K.; Shimizu, H.; Slack, D.; Slobodzian-Ksenicz, O.; Staggenborg, S.; Suguri, M.; Svidt, K.; Takai, H.; Takakura, T.; Tamimi, A.; Taniwaki, K.; Tarjuelo, J.M.; Taylor, R.; Tsheko, R.; Umeda, M.; Vannucci, D.; Wang, L.; Zhang, G. (International Commission of Agricultural Engineering, 2002)
      Peer Reviewed Technical Articles: (1) G. Brehme and K.-H. Krause. Compartmental Airflow Simulation in Stables with Natural Ventilation. Vol. IV. January 2002. (2) J.F. Ortega, J.M. Tarjuelo, and J.A. Juan. Evaluation of ...