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    • An Analysis of the Ortho Evra Birth Control Patch 

      Fields, Rachel; Fisher, Elana; Kramer, Scott; Kwan, Elaine; Wong, Angela (2006-05-24)
      The Ortho Evra Birth Control Patch is an effective alternative method of birth control. It releases two drugs, norelgestromin and ethinyl estradiol, and these two drugs diffuse through a person?s skin and into their ...
    • Angina Patch: Drug Delivery for Chest Pain 

      Lee, Jessica; Morgan, Lee; Yee, Jackie (2006-05-24)
      Angina pectoris is defined as chest pain due to lack of blood and oxygen to the heart. Nitroglycerin is an organic nitrate which treats angina by vasodilating both arteries and veins to increase blood flow to the heart. ...
    • Angiography 

      Fryman, Rodney Sean; Jarrad, Daniela Elizabeth; Lau, Christina Mei Lan; Raile, Benjamin William (1999-01-10)
      This paper explores the use of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) to model angiography dye flow in the detection of cerebral aneurysms. To obtain a discernable image, the concentration of the dye, Conray-60 ? , needed to be ...
    • Antibiotic Releasing Biodegradable Sutures for the Prevention of Surgical Site Infections 

      Bowen, Caitlin; Kersbergen, Calvin; Rappazzo, C. Garrett; Weed, Beth (2014-05-28)
      Although a necessary component of surgery, sutures have been shown to exhibit an affinity for microbial adherence and colonization. The sutures offer a conduit for bacteria directly into the wound and infection can be ...
    • Application of Computational Tear Flow Models to Smart Contact Lens Design 

      Ashley, Ryan; Fida, Marsela; Li, Jeffrey; Ly, Jeffrey (2014-05-28)
      Millions of diabetics could benefit from a noninvasive and cheaper method for monitoring their blood glucose. A solution recently popularized by Google makes use of smart contact lenses featuring embedded glucose sensors ...
    • Applied Finite Element Analysis: An Apple II Implementation 

      J. Robert, Cooke; Davis, Denny C. (Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated, 1986-01-01)
      The finite element method is an enormously important tool for engineering analysis, and familiarity with the method is rapidly becoming an expected part of engineering curricula. The swift expansion in the availability and ...
    • Archive of BEE Educational Software Manuals: An Overview 

      Cooke, J. Robert (Internet-First University Press, 2015-10-12)

      French, O. C. (1974-08-18)
      A brief history of the North Atlantic Region ASAE, with a listing of Annual Meeting dates and locations, names of chairmen and secretaries . Includes a few historical photograph reproductions.
    • Assessing the Effects of Icing the Body for 20 Minutes 

      Chin, Jonathan; Pham, Hubert; Steck, Alaina; Sterman, Sarah; Sun, Mindy (2004-07-13)
      Icing is one of the most inexpensive and convenient treatments available to reduce inflammation in sore and injured muscles. A commonly purported icing regimen follows a ?20 minutes on, 20 minutes off? cycle, so we ...
    • AutoSyringe Injection: Mass transfer driven by plunger to force medication through a needle 

      Billington, Alicia; Deyle, Alex; Ippolito, Andrea; Kim, Jennifer; Weaver, Matt; Weitsman, Andrew (2006-05-24)
      The AutoSyringe is an automatic device that allows patients with limited dexterity to administer medication to themselves as painlessly as possible. The device allows patients to inject themselves subcutaneously, where ...
    • Bald is Beautiful, but is it Warm? 

      Dy, Eric; Ross, Rachel; Tataria, Jigar; Lundeen, Anna (2004-11-12)
      The head is a major source of heat loss (60-80%), and therefore, if conditions are cold enough, not keeping the head properly insulated could lead to hypothermia. Because of this, we were interested in determining to what ...
    • Bathymetric survey of Lake Tana, Ethiopia 

      Kebedew, Mebrahtom; Kibret, Aron; Tilahun, Seifu; Belete, Mulugeta; Zemale, Fasikaw; Steenhuis, Tammo (2020-07-02)
      (Abstract from related journal paper prepared in cooperation with Cornell University, BEE Soil and Water Lab) Lakes hold most of the world’s freshwater resources. Safeguarding these resources from water quality degradation ...
    • BEE Picnic (July 08, 2002) 

      Cooke, J. Robert (Internet-First University Press, 2007)
      This is a video snapshot of the BEE Department Picnic of July 08, 2002.
    • Beginning the Search for Polyphosphate Accumulating Organisms in the Landscape 

      Delwiche, Kyle (Cornell University, 2005-08-03)
      This presentation demonstrates research into the search for polyphosphate accumulating organisms in the landscape. The goal is to better understand the contributing factors of phosphorus movement in natural soils.
    • Betamethasone Phosphate Drug Delivery by Biodegradable Ocular Implant 

      Chari, Tara; Li, Catherine; Varghese, Rebecca; Yang, Qiuwei (2017-05-17)
      Biodegradable implants have been steadily gaining popularity, offering safer, more efficient alternatives to common therapeutics. Currently, most ocular implants that are used for sustainable drug delivery are non-biodegradable. ...
    • Bill Irish Reminisces 

      Irish, Wilmont Wheeler; Furry, Ronald Bay (Internet-First University Press, 2013-09-04)
    • Bill Jewell Reminisces 

      Jewell, William J.; Ahner, Beth (Interviewer) (Internet-First University Press, 2014-06-10)
    • Biodegradable Implant with TGF-beta Delivery for Enhanced Healing of Bone Tissue: A Computational Model 

      Eckes, Kevin; Post, David; Sutermaster, Bryan; Villarreal, Sarah (2009-05-08)
      In most common fractures, bone is able to heal itself over a six week time period. Catastrophic fractures, however, may require that shards of bone be removed surgically, leaving critical size defects in fracture areas ...
    • Bob Cooke Reminisces 

      Cooke, J. Robert; Scott, Norman R.; King, Kenneth M. (Internet-First University Press, 2013-11-10)
    • Breaking the Skin Barrier: Modelling Microneedles for Transdermal Insulin Delivery 

      Kang, Jeniffer; Lee, Amy; Lee, Julie; Sadikin, Felicia (2016-05-16)
      Transdermal patches, devices developed to deliver drugs, can be limited in their efficacy because the amount of drug that diffuses through the skin often doesn’t reach sufficient concentrations. This problem is alleviated ...