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    • A Computational Model of Vortex Ring Formation in Hydrogels 

      Das, Shoshana; Fiore, Alyssa; Hickman, Dillon; Vasthare, Varsha (2015-05-19)
      Duo An, a PhD student at Cornell University, is developing a method that uses electrospray technique to expel clay hydrogel droplets into an ion solution. Upon contact, the droplets crosslink and form various solid ...
    • Computational Modelling of Water Transport in Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing, DuoDERMⓇ CGF, and Design Recommendations 

      Cabot, Jackson; Klein, Robert; Sasso, Grainger; Sasso, Grainger; Zhang, Viola (2018-05-10)
      Hydrocolloids, and further hydrogels, have arisen as attractive next-generation wound dressings because of their modularity and ability to retain moisture. Hydrocolloids, like DuoDERM Ⓡ CGF, are intended for partial and ...
    • Computational Study of Hydrogel Ring Device for Ocular Drug Delivery 

      Hanif, Sarah; Lim, Abigail; Sit, Hilarie; Tan, Wan Qing Melissa (2018-05-10)
      Researchers have developed many different kinds of ocular drug delivery devices. However, most address anterior eye disorders—very few are designed specifically for the treatment of posterior eye diseases. A recently-developed ...
    • Computer Aided Simulation of Varying Viscosities in Orange Juice Pasteurization 

      Akinwale, Pamela; Bhebe, Prince; Ogura, Nori (1999-01-10)
      This project presents a FIDAP simulation for determining the effect of viscosity on the process time required to pasteurize orange juice of varying Brix* . Destruction of C. Botulinum and Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) were ...
    • A Computer Model for Evaluating the Efficiency of Cryosurgery for Prostate Cancer 

      Horsfield, Michael; Sarkar, Ritvik; Reffsin, Sam; Seog, Woo Jin (2016-05-16)
      We model the effects of the cryosurgery process for prostate cancer in COMSOL Multiphysics® (ver 5.1) using imaging and manufacturing data to generate 3D realistic geometry for the prostate and cryoprobe. By imposing a ...
    • Controlled release of ciprofloxacin from PLGA-coated contact lenses to treat eye infections 

      Greenberg, Seth; Linderman, Stephen; Mogilevskaya, Yevgeniya; Weinschenk, Robert (2010-05-21)
      Topical ophthalmic solution, commonly known as eye drops, have long been the most widely-used method for ocular drug delivery. The drug delivery method, however, is characterized pulse delivery to the eye, which results ...
    • Controlled Release of Exendin-4 from PLGA Micropheres with Convective Blood Flow 

      Chen, Yuen Ching (Brenda); Kim, Justin; Lee, Jae Dong; Song, Sang Hoon (2013-05-30)
      Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disease characterized by high blood glucose due to insulin resistance and relative insulin deficiency. Primarily affecting those suffering from obesity, it comprises approximately 90% of all ...
    • Controlled-Release of Tegretol-XR for Treatment of Epileptic Seizures 

      Cheung, Tracy; Floyd, Laura Autumn; Kim, Sunmin; Velott, Anthony (2009-05-08)
      Fifty million people around the world are currently affected by epilepsy. Fortunately, the disease responds to treatment 70% of the time, but many of the medications prescribed require multiple dosages per day. To ensure ...
    • Convection Enhanced Drug Delivery for the Treatment of Brain Gliomas 

      Brennan, James; Colangelo, Nicholas; Pendery, Leslie; Skeans, Weston (2009-05-08)
      Malignant brain gliomas are almost always fatal, with a five year survival rate of only 3%. This is due in part to the difficulty of treating tumors chemically or surgically. They are often deep within the brain, where ...
    • A Conversation with James W. Spencer 

      Spencer, James W.; Cooke, J. Robert (Interviewer) (Internet-First University Press, 2012-11-17)
      The legacy of Professor Emeritus James W. Spencer is traced from his days as a Cornell undergraduate in civil engineering. In 1951 Jim began his work as a faculty member in agricultural engineering at Cornell on farm-to-market ...
    • Cool-sculpting: Optimizing Total Fat Loss During Cryolipolysis 

      Rosario, Nicole; Kemp, Jazmin; Mushtaq, Yasmeen; Boter, Michelle (2018-05-19)
      Cryolipolysis has become a more prevalent, non-invasive fat loss procedure. Multiple studies have been performed to assess the effi ciency of cryolipolysis techniques. This research includes optimization of cooling temperature ...
    • Corticosteroid Injection for the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis in the Knee 

      Cho, Kyoung Won; Bae, Rebecca; Kim, Yoon Soo; Markt, George (2012-01-18)
    • CPR: Are You Saving People the Right Way? 

      Cable, Brittany; Jian, Rui; Chen, Ying Ru; Wang, Zi (2012-01-18)
    • Cryogenic Freezing of the Entire Prostate Gland 

      Ehrenberg, Morton; Flynn, Terence; Seth, Rajeev; Thompson, Glenn; Yi, Jason (2000-01-10)
      The goal of this study was to model cryogenic freezing of the entire prostate, using five cryoprobes, while minimizing damage to the surrounding tissue. A 3-D model was attempted, but failed due to time constraints; ...
    • Cryogenic Treatment of the Common Wart 

      Cuneo, Kyle; LeBarron, Jamie; Reynolds, Jaimee; Tiberio, Christine; Yoo, Sylvia (2004-11-12)
      This study models the effect of applying subzero temperature liquids to the surface of a common wart. The goal was to determine which variables (i.e. conductivity of skin, temperature of liquid, duration of application) ...
    • Cryopreservation of the Kidney: A Feasibility Study Based on Cooling Rates 

      Malvica, Erica; Salter, Ben; Verma, Kush; Watkins, Tara; Shauhgnesy, Michael (2003-07-12)
      This project models the cryopreservation of a kidney submerged in liquid nitrogen. Attempts to cryopreserve whole organs have been unsuccessful in the past due to the formation of ice crystals in the intracellular fluid, ...
    • Cryopreservation of Umbilical Cord Tissue for Stem Cell Harvesting 

      Buchwald, Steven; Chiu, Nicole; Chu, Melvin; Kim, Hesed; Yeang, Calvin (2003-07-12)
      Stem cell transplantation has become an important process used to treat patients with bone marrow diseases. When implanted into patients, stem cells from the umbilical cord have been found to successfully proliferate as ...
    • A Cryosurgical Approach to Lung Cancer 

      Cabrera, Edgar Allen; Mullaney, Kerry; Ramirez, Marina (2004-07-13)
      Lung cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United Statesi, presenting the need for more refined treatment options than traditional invasive surgery and chemo- and radiation therapy. This study investigates the ...
    • CU ABEN Graduate Degrees (1913 - 1995) 

      Cooke, J. Robert; Stanton, Ruth; Bates, Sandy (Internet-First University Press, 2007)
      This is a Chronological and Alphabetical Listing of the Graduate Degrees for the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Cornell University from 1913- 1995.
    • Cupric Ion Release from Various IUD Geometries 

      Hernández, Sascha; Riggs, Lauren; Widjaja, Edison (2016-05-16)
      Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) are gaining popularity as a form of long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARC); once inserted, copper IUDs can be effective for up to ten years and require no action from the user. The ...