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    • The Practical Guide to Growing Ginseng 

      Beyfuss, Bob (Cornell Cooperative Extension Agroforestry Resource Center, 2017-11-15)
      So, you think you might like to grow some ginseng in your backyard or perhaps in a woodlot that you own or lease. Good idea! There is really only one way to be completely certain that the ginseng you eat has been produced ...
    • Mainstreaming Agricultural Economic Development 

      Bills, Nelson (2014-02-21)
      Flyer defining terms and process associated with mainstreaming economic development, and how to emphasize importance of agriculture to that process.
    • Your Septic System 

      Meyer, A.; Keith, M.; Saumier, J.; Shortlidge, M. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 2008)
      Studying up on septic systems often ranks last in importance with homeowners - until an emergency strikes. This cleverly designed fact sheet set not only describes what to do if your septic system fails, but also contains ...
    • Grab and Go GPS 

      Malone, Charles W. (Chip) (2007-07-24)
      A series of activities developed in Genessee County for the 4-H program for youth to learn hands on, GPS/GIS technology and applications.
    • Athletic Field Maintenance 

      Hummel, Norman W. Jr.; Petrovic, Martin A. (2006-07-19)
      This technical guide provides comprehensive information on soil modification and drainage, establishing field turf, seeding, sodding, soil preparation, and species and variety selection. Describes how to maintain field ...
    • Pollination and Fruit Set of Fruit Crops 

      Way, Roger D. (2006-07-19)
      This information bulletin describes the single most critical process in the production of a fruit crop. Outlines cultural practices favoring good fruit set; summarizes pollination requirements of apples and other tree ...
    • Fish Management in New York Ponds 

      Eipper, A. W.; Reigier, H. A.; Green, D. M. (2006-07-14)
      Covers design and construction features, water temperature, sources of water, water plants, eliminating undesirable fish, and controlling muskrats and other pond animals. Tells where and how to obtain fish for a pond; ...
    • Sequence of Bloom of Perennials, Biennials, and Bulbs 

      Mower, R.G.; Lee, R.E. (2006-07-12)
      This popular information bulletin for the home gardener, will help you select and situate those perennials and bulbuous plants for a continuous display of bloom from early spring until the killing frosts of autumn. The ...
    • Pressed-Flower Pictures 

      Hossenlopp, Ann; Schaufler, Ernest (2006-07-12)
      This information bulletin offers step-by-step instructions to a 300-year-old craft for preserving summer's beauty. You'll learn how to select appropriate plant material and dry it properly, and then use six basic types of ...
    • Cutting Meat 

      Wellington, G.H. (2006-06-22)
      This straightforward publication instructs the reader in the steps needed to prepare several types of animals for freezing and consumption. The publication details the importance of sanitation, the tools needed (and care ...
    • Dairy Cattle Judging Made Easy 

      Hartman, D. A. (2006-03-15)
      This handy 15-page bulletin teaches the basics of Dairy Cattle Judging, using photographs of examples and explanations of what to look for while judging. The bulletin describes scoring, timing and how to develop a system ...
    • Lawn Care Without Pesticides 

      Rossi, Frank (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 2005-07)
      This text focuses on reducing environmental stressors on grass plants as the key to a lush, beautiful, and thriving lawn. This bulletin teaches how grass grows and why lawns matter, and suggests ways to reduce stress. ...
    • The Cornell Guide for Planting and Maintaining Trees and Shrubs 

      Weir, Richard III; Good, George (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 2005-02)
      The Cornell Guide for Planting and Maintaining Trees and Shrubs is a benchmark text written for professional horticulturists and home owners alike. Includes reliable tips for properly selecting plants from nurseries, ...
    • Pruning 

      Rakow, Donald A.; Weir, Richard III (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 2005-01)
      This pruning guide offers practical information, with clear, easy to follow instructions for successful pruning and maintenance of ornamental trees and shrubs. Readers begin with the basics of timing and frequency of ...
    • The Evolving Langauge of Diversity 

      Castania, Kathy (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 2003-12)
      Language used to define people and groups can be used to express bias and prejudice or be used as a tool for empowerment. Most people prefer to use the most respectful terms, but even the most well intentioned can unconsciously ...
    • Cornell Guide to Growing Fruit at Home 

      Eames-Sheavly, Marcia; Pritts, Marvin; Cramer, Craig; Bushway, Lori; Merwin, Ian; Reisinger, Richard; McKay, Steven (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 2003-05)
      Growing fruit at home can be an enjoyable activity that provides nutritious food for your family. This publication describes how to choose the best varieties; select sites; prepare soil; plant, prune and train shrubs and ...
    • Removing Stains at Home 

      Price, Judy L.; Lemley, Ann T. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 2003-03)
      Many stains can be removed from clothing and household furnishings using the directions in this booklet which have been tested in a Cornell University laboratory. If followed, the chance of removing the stain is very good. ...
    • Youth Development Foundations for 4-H Camp Staff 

      Crosair, Sally; New York State 4-H Camping Program (Cornell Cooperative Extansion, 2003)
      This training manual was developed by Youth Development and 4-H Camp Professionals as a tool to train camp staff to work with campers. The Manual is separated into 18 different learning sessions which can be printed as needed.
    • Aquifers 

      Raymond, Lyle S. Jr. (2002-10)
      This bulletin describes aquifers in a non-technical language. Sand and gravel aquifers are emphasized because they are the most highly productive aquifers in the Northeast. They are a significant local and regional resource ...
    • 2001 - 2003 Turfgrass Species and Variety Guidelines for New York State 

      Rossi, Frank S. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 2001-06)
      This Guideline is designed to expedite the selection of turfgrass species and varieties adapted to the myriad uses, growing conditions and expectations in New York State.