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    • Barbecued Chicken and Other Meats 

      Baker, Robert C. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1950)
      This is the famous Cornell Chicken Recipe, as written by its creator, Dr. Robert C. Baker, Professor Emeritus of the Department of Animal Sciences at the New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell ...
    • Growing African Violets 

      Fischer, Charles Clayton (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1978-10)
      This classic bulletin list violet variations, describes the procedures for repotting, crown division, watering, lighting, rejuvenating and addresses common problems with this year round bloomer.
    • Minor Fruits in New York State 

      Ourecky, Donald K. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1980-04)
      Minor fruits are those without a great deal of commercial value, but can still be enjoyed in preserves, jams, jellies or eaten fresh. This publication is no longer available in print form but is a timeless guide for ...
    • Cultural Practices for Commercial Vineyards 

      Jordan, T. D.; Pool, R. M.; Zabadal, T. J.; Tomkins, J. P. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1980-12)
      A timeless handbook for commercial growers and backyard enthusiasts alike based on experimental results of 34 years of intensive and productive viticultural research. Vineyard site selection and preparation, planting stock, ...
    • Know Your Insects 

      Klass, Carolyn; Johnson, W. T. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1981-04)
      A graded project that can carry a young person through many years of work in entomology. The project material gives minimum instructions for beginning an entomology project. Included are an introduction to what an insect ...
    • The Home Vegetable Garden 

      Topoleski, Leonard D. (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University, 1981-07)
      A popular and timeless how-to-guide for planning, preparing, and maintaining a productive garden. Planting schedules, recommended varieties, pest control, soil and climate considerations and equipment needs are all covered.
    • The Heirloom Vegetable Garden 

      Kline, Roger A.; Becker, Robert F.; Belluscio, Lynne (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1981-08)
      This publication is a timeless, illustrated - look back - at 36 vegetable varieties commonly grown during the 1800s. It's history and horticulture under one cover! Excerpts from that century's garden books as well as recipes ...
    • Homemade Wine 

      Robinson, Willard B. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1982-02)
      Explains the basics for successfully fermenting grapes naturally into wine. Provides information on clarifying, finishing, and bottling.
    • Beekeeping: General Information 

      Morse, R. A.; Dyce, E. J. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1982-04)
      This information bulletin explains how, when and, where to best start beekeeping, including how to obtain bees, and what equipment is needed. Describes the extent of the beekeeping industry in New York State, and includes ...
    • The Garden Strawberry 

      Kline, Roger A.; Van Nostrand, Roger; Welser, Russell (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1982-04)
      A timeless, how-to booklet on growing strawberries in your home garden. Site and variety selection, recommended culture, pest and weed control, irrigation, sidedressing, harvesting tips and winter protection are all covered.
    • Clothing Connections 

      Davis-Manigaulte, Jacqeline (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1982-07)
      Clothing Connections is a classic curriculum, specially designed and written for leaders and volunteers to assist and guide them in sharing a variety of clothing experiences with boys and girls 9 years of age and older. ...
    • Children and Divorce 

      West, Suzanne E. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1983)
      This booklet discusses the process of divorce and how to discuss it with different age groups. Different age groups will react differently, from anger to wishing for reconciliation this booklet discusses what to expect as ...
    • Safe Food Processing: It's In Your Hands! 

      Gravani, Robert B. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1984-09)
      This booklet will bring to your attention the need for good personal hygiene, and will demonstrate why safe food processing is in your hands. Manufacturing safe, wholesome, nutritious, and appetizing food is an important ...
    • Modern Agriculture: Its Effects on the Environment 

      Trautmann, N.M.; Porter, K.S.; Wagenet, R.J. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1985)
      This fact sheet provides an historical perspective on U.S. agriculture, from colonial days through the agricultural revolution and discusses impacts of intensive farming on soil and water resources.
    • Diseases of Geraniums 

      Horst, R. Kenneth; Nelson, Paul E. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1985-11)
      Geraniums are one of the most versatile and widely used flowering plants in the floriculture industry. The diseases discussed in this bulletin are primarily those that affect the florist, garden, or zonal geranium, Pelargonium ...
    • Nitrate: Health Effects in Drinking Water 

      McCasland, M.; Trautmann, N.M.; Wagenet, R.J. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1985-12)
      Nitrate is one of the most common groundwater contaminants in rural areas. This fact sheet summarizes how nitrate affects human health, what types of people are most vulnerable, and what steps can be taken to minimize risk.
    • Water and the Soil 

      Trautmann, N.M.; Porter, K.S.; Wagenet, R.J. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1985-12)
      Soil/water interactions determine whether a septic system will drain properly, whether a basement will flood, and how successful a farmer?s harvest will be. This fact sheet summarizes how soil composition and management ...
    • Groundwater: What it is and How to Protect It 

      Trautmann, N.M.; Porter, K.S.; Wagenet, R.J. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1985-12)
      This fact sheet provides an overview of what groundwater is, how it moves, how it can become contaminated, and what steps can be taken to protect groundwater quality.
    • Pesticides: Health Effects in Drinking Water 

      Trautmann, Nancy M.; Porter, Keith S.; Wagenet, Robert H. (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1985-12)
      This bulletin discusses different types of pesticides found in drinking water - as well as the resulting symptoms for ingesting some of these.
    • Detection of Potato Tuber Diseases and Defects 

      Zitter, Thomas A.; Loria, Rosemary (Cornell Cooperative Extension, 1986-03)
      The objective of this bulletin is to aid in the diagnosis of tuber diseases and defects that most often result in production problems. Symptoms of 20 selected diseases and disorders as they appear on the tubers are described ...